Nowadays the Differences Between Countries Are Becoming Less Evident

Nowadays, the differences between countries are becoming less evident because people follow the same media. Do the advantage of this trend outweigh the disadvantages?

In the modern era, since most people are connected with each other via many media, the variety between nations is being decreased. I believe demerits outweigh the merits as there are many cultures that are vanishing, and a taste of everything is similar.

To commence with, the Majority of the population is facing less interest in things. To explain it, owing to the social or news media individuals know things going around the world, which help everyone to know trends and likes or dislikes of the world which is going on, just as this reason, give them a chance to indulge in activities, also what others eat, drink and wear. However, this phenomenon creates many civilians in the way of monotony because of the reason that there is a lack of different things for people. For example, Coca-cola as a company has many branches globally, and they also advertise in the entire world. Still, when a person visits a new country, he or she rarely finds the cultural beverage related to the local people, such as lassi in Punjab, wine in Arab countries. Thus, similarity in the whole world is a major negative point.

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Furthermore, another reason is culture and traditions is losing over time. To explicate it, the similarity between things nations affect traditional, namely food, clothes, and designing, is extremely similar a vast manner, which destroys old tradition-related things. For instance, Clothes such as jeans, shirts, and caps are famous in developed and developing countries. In contrast, multitudes, which live in regions like India, Africa and Japan, majority of people mostly prefer to wear Western clothes. As a result, if there is more imitating in things, then at some point, items related to older adults will disappear.

To conclude, because of the cause that in today’s time many countries have similar habits. I think the disadvantages of this trend are more than the advantages.

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