Over Time, as Children Grow Older, the Relationship They Have with Their Parents’ Changes

Over time, as children grow older, the relationship they have with their parents’ changes. In your opinion, what role should parents have in their adult children’s lives? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Over a period of time, as children grew up and became elder, their correlation with their parent’s altered and at the same time parent’s role is vital in the teenager life. Ideas enunciated further in my discourse will support my point of view along with examples.

To embark with, children in the period of the growing stage, their moods and attitude towards other people changes as they grow up and they are able to understand feelings and behaviour of the groups of people, and so their relationship with parent’s changed because now they would able to identify and understand the perspective of life. Their attitude towards their father and mother changes owing to the fact that they want their own privacy and do not want others to interfere in life. They will do what they want to do, and they do not bother to take any advice from the parents as they become adults and so it signifies that the relationship between children and parents will modify.

On the other hand, parents’ behaviour at this age of children plays a crucial role because this is the age where the birth parent needs to take care of the upbringing of children. Otherwise, they ruined their life. It is necessary that parents should be keen towards their children by understanding their prospects, keeping trust and showing responsibility towards their job. Meanwhile, children also recognize parents because they perceive that their parents trust them and also assist them in solving critical phases in life, and this makes the connection robust between them. For instance, children want to buy expensive gadgets, but parents are aware that this gizmo will be harmful at this stage, so they explain the pros and cons of these devices in life, and they also understand it is not required to purchase these gadgets at this stage.

To sum up, overall bonding of parents and children changes as they grow towards younger, so it’s the responsibility of parents that they nurture their children in a such a way that they live a better standard of living in life.

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