Describe a Photograph or Picture in Your Home

Describe a photograph or picture in your home

where this photo is in your home
what is in the photo
how this picture was taken
and explain what this photo means to you


Photographs are the most ideal approach to catch significant moments in our lives. I have taken a collection of many intriguing photos through my life span. I love to visit different places to take photos and all are saved on my laptop.

Where this photo is in your home

In the same way as other different families in my nation, I have a major photo of my family which is hung on the wall of my room. It is the first thing that you notice when you walk into the room. Even I have the same photo in the drawing-room at my home.

What is in the photo

I distinctly remember the time it was taken. I live in a nuclear family and it is very rare to have a family get together. So we got a chance to Describe a Photograph or Picture in Your Hometake this picture a couple of years back on the event of my cousin sister’s wedding. It was the first time after a long time that my entire family had gathered together. Indeed, even a few of my family members who are living out of the country returned home to attend the wedding.

It was possibly the first image of my more distant family with my grandparents, the entirety of my grandparents’ children, and I have lost count of what number of grandchildren are in it. As it was our first get together. I planned to cut the cake to celebrate this time and ordered a chocolate cake. That cake can also be seen in this picture representing our family get-together celebration.

How this picture was taken

It’s a fantastic photograph taken by an expert photographer who put everybody at their ease in which everybody is grinning and chuckling.

Explain what this photo means to you

It is very special to me as it was the very first photograph of my complete family. This photo means a lot to me because a few months after the wedding of my cousin’s sister, my grandfather passed away, and one of my cousin brothers went to Australia for her further studies. Whenever I miss my grandfather, I look at this picture and remember the time that I spent with my grandfather. When my friends or relatives come to visit my family I always love to show this grand picture to them and all who see this picture give a lot of comments and warm wishes for the goodwill of my family.

Follow-ups of Describe a Photograph or Picture in Your Home

Q:- Do you like to take photographs? Why?

Ans:- To be very frank, I’m not a professional photographer but yes I’m really into clicking pictures whenever I attend any party or go on a trip to a hill station, I often capture the picturesque valley beauty of nature. Those captured photographs I do share on my social accounts like Instagram and Facebook. Taking those crazy pictures, sometimes hazy fill me with joy and remind me of the great times I had.

Q:- Would you like to study photography?

Ans:- Currently not. As I’m doing engineering along with learning to improve my speaking and writing skills so. It leaves me no time to pursue other activities like studying photography. Having said that I really to take pictures and soon after the completion of my studies I will plan to learn photography from a renowned institution.

Q:- Do you take photographs of yourself?

Ans:- Occasionally I click the picture of myself which is christened selfie. When I get ready to attend any family function or party. I click photos from my phone to make sure I’m looking good enough to attend that function. Moreover, since social media applications have added a new feature Called status I have started taking and adding pictures of myself to status for getting comments of my near and dear ones. Snapchat has made me addicted to selfies. Whenever I feel bored, Snapchat filters and crazy features let me take my funny pictures and enjoy them.

Q:- What makes a good photograph?

Ans:- In spite of the fact that I love taking pictures for quite a while, I haven’t been worried about the details and specialized parts of photography altogether. Yet, I would state that the most significant piece of a decent photo is the topic of the image. For instance, a delightful scene could make a photograph extremely great by simply having a wonderful hue or landscape. Besides, the point that the photo is taken from is huge also, in light of the fact that with the fantastic procedure a basic topic can turn into an alluring one. Moreover, lighting, focus on appropriate items, and utilization of the correct camera can make a customary scene to turn into a delightful photo.

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