Saving Money & Physical Exercise Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answers


Saving Money & Physical Exercise Speaking part 1 Questions With Answers. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Saving Money & Physical Exercise Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

Question 1 Did you save money when you were a child?

Answer - Yes, I did save money when I was a child. That time I’d not stated earnings, although whenever guests came and gave me some money as well as from my pocket money, I tended to store it in a locked box.

Question 2 Have you ever given money to other children?

Answer - To be honest, if I check my brain train, not remain that I did this. However, I used to help in another way, such as yielding material, share food like that.

Question 3 Do you think parents should teach children to save money?

Answer - Definitely yes, children learn social education from their guardians, which plays a vital role in any person life. Saving some proportion of money regularly is useful after a few years, and offspring learn lots of things. Such as financial management or system, how to use money and whats pros if we save.

Question 4 Do parents give pocket money to children in your country?

Answer - Yes, Indian parents also give pocket money to their children, and this thus is positive advancement. For instance, when I was a child, my parents gave me 5 pieces of rubbish per week.

Question 5 What kind of exercises do you do?

Answer - Well, I am a gym freak, and I know exercise benefits. I do some yoga which I learn from fitness champ. Nearly 2 years ago, it was held in our area for fitness awareness.

Question 6 Do you think children should play sports regularly?

Answer - I think it's a personal choice although, I believe that juveniles have to play outdoor activities where they learn a host of things and are healthy for the body. Such as leadership skills and teamwork.

Question 7 What was your favourite sport when you were a child?

Answer - I die, heart, a fan of cricket and football. When I was a child in my area, there was no football ground, but I used to play cricket with my mates in our street. We called it gully cricket.

Question 8 Do you like extreme sports?

Answer - Yes, I love thrilling sports. I watch these types of sports, and sometimes hearts stop to beat.

Question 9 What kind of exercises are popular in your country?

Answer - India is a diverse country, and our ethics are also famous. In India, myriad exercises are popular. Yoga which was born in India, is a household exercise here.

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