Some People Claim that The Government Should Provide Free Health Care

Some people claim that the government should provide free health care. Others think that the government will not provide the most innovative methods of treatment and it’s better to invest those funds in education and culture. What is your opinion?

Now a day’s health issues are becoming more common all over the globe. Different kinds of illnesses and treatments are getting researched by doctors every next day in the world, so some people believe that the government of their country should give them all healthcare treatments free of the cost while others think instead of making health care free government should focus on education and cultural topics. I will be standing with the people who think funds should be invested in education and cultural issues.

Firstly, the reason for getting ill is also a human. People will not take care of cleanliness and a healthy lifestyle. As a result, they will have to visit a doctor after misbehaving with their health. The government is already giving advertisements everywhere about how one can stay safe and healthy; if people don’t follow those guidelines and get any kind of ill, they can not ask the government to take their medical expenses. Because the government has already done their part by warning them and giving them suggestions. For example, the government is always warning people about the causes of smoking cigarettes. It is also visible on the box of cigarettes that how dangerous it is for health. The not only warning also government provide them with medical help if they have a hard time leaving this kind of bad habit, but still, if people smoke and get cancer, they cannot expect it from the government. Secondly, the government Is already giving people basic health care free of cost, but if people want more than that, they can not expect it from the government, for example, if one is suffering from any disabilities or illness and the government is taking care of basic requirements like medicines and doctors expenses but if they want private service like they want the doctor to visit them at home so they have to give more money from pocket they can not ask the government to do it.

Thirdly, when the government invests money for education, it will create an educated society, and educated people will already have an idea of how they can create a healthy lifestyle for them. Not only this but an educated person can be helpful to the country in various ways like they can have a respected job so they will pay taxes to government also they can help society by doing social works, in addition, educated people can try to make society happy and healthy. Fourthly, the government should invest in cultural activities because people are leaving their original culture and accepting different cultures just to do show-off in society. If the government can help people with cultural awareness, it will also kill health issues because no culture accepts any kind of bad habits and dirtiness.

In conclusion, I would like to say instead of investing money in health care, and it should be funding education and cultural activities as it will not only help people in their life it will help society and the government too.

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