Talk about a Thing that You Recently Bought and Felt Happy about It

Talk about a thing that you recently bought and felt happy about it or Describe a thing you bought, and you are happy about

You should say

  • Explain why you bought it?
  • Why you selected this product?
  • From where you purchased it?
  • And explain why you are so happy about it?

Sample Answer of Talk about a thing that you recently bought and felt happy about it

Human race like to purchase stuff, especially after being seen by someone. Buying things after requirements is also common, same as drill bore after thirsty.

I am a student, and I’ve not started earning money yet. Therefore, I don’t buy expensive things. I have one good habit to my childhood and its savings.

Today I would like to talk about buying a student desk from my savings. As I mentioned earlier, I am a student. Thus, I have a host of books as well stuff. Before that time, my books and bag are anywhere in our house, and sometimes I lost. I also face difficulties in paramount documents. As well one of my school friends told me its pros, and also its price is wealthy account to its features too.

I first talk to my parents, and they also agreed with me and gave me permission and some money to purchase it.
I went to our area famous shops, and I bought them after he agreed to give health discounts and home delivery.

This study desk has 5 drawers where I can keep my books and beg and my study stuff. Moreover, all drawer cames with locks, and it has not superior security lock such as a fingerprint. And having one-night lamb which aids me to study at night time.

I am ecstatic after purchase it and thanks to it for my night study.

Follow-ups Talk About a Thing that You Recently Bought and Felt Happy About It.

Question 1:- Did you tell anyone after buying it?

Answer:- Some people tell close person after every shopping while some don’t like to share experiences in shops or malls and brought items. I am the second type of person; however, sometimes I tell my close friends and family members. I also believe that we buy that product if we like it as well some other reason and in case we got negative comments from other then its effect on our choice.

Question 2:- What are your thoughts about the trend that people buy new things instead of repairing old ones?

Answer:- Well, in this contemporary era, It’s seen that people compared themselves to others; additionally, they also try to be better from them. I think we have to purchase things if we have a requirement for them. And sometimes repair to the older one is also aid as financially.

Question 3:- What is the product which is consumed most in your country? Why?

Answer: I live in India, and India is diverse; here, citizens buy the product by requirements. Financial good people purchase it in mega mall whereas middle class and penurious from the street market. Indian people mostly consume eatable stuff. Abundant people are foolish and like to taste something new.

Question 4:- Is increasing consumerism a good trend?

Answer:- I think good items consumption increasing is always good to tend, it yield wage to a plethora of people as well contribute to the country economy, however, after getting huge demand of products it’s seen that companies rise price as well quality also became lower or poor.

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