Describe a Situation When You Were Not Allowed to Use Mobile/Cell Phone

Describe a Situation When You Were Not Allowed to Use Mobile/cell Phone
Where was it?
When was it?
Why were you not allowed?
What did you want to do with your cell phone?

When I got this cue card, I couldn’t get it any particular time suddenly, and one time came to my mind. I don’t have a memory like an elephant, although I assume it was several years back.

If I am right, then that time was studying in high school. At that time our school planned to visit historical places.

When I was on the trip, one of the schedules was going to one of the popular museums in our city. We are much enough to take care of ourselves. Thus, the school is allowed to carry smartphones, cameras, laptop-type electronic gadgets but with one condition that its responsibility upon our shoulders.

When we entered the museum’s entrance hall, we were in cue and divided into two mates group. I have phones; thus, immediately I opened my phone for picturesque. Suddenly one museum worker came to my side and stopped me as well as aware me the laws.

Later he pointed his finger on the backside of my wall’s poster that illustrates that shoot video and pictures are restricted here, and if someone broke code, he or she has to pay 1000 RS as fine. Later one of our tutors had explained the reasons behind it, a museum is a historical place, and all staff is precious and unique as well as a sign of past events; thus, by shoot pictures or videos, chance to damage it. In this advanced era, everything is on the internet and if people find it online, then not visit there, and it affects economically and the interm of people.

Well, the museum is a historic place, and all items were unique; I want to shoot it so I could show it to my family and friends as well as for the future. One of the king’s knives was over 500 years old, and I was especially like to take pictures.

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What’s the effect of the mobile phone?

The cellular phone has both positive and negative effects; on the one hand, we can get the wisdom of the world and better option to connect the world. On the other hand, too much use is deleterious for eyes and eyesight moreover, it is also expensive.

Why do young people want Expensive mobile phones?

Usually, branded smartphones are costly, and I believe that one of the primary reasons for the desire to purchase is that it came with cutting edge technical features as well as privacy and security is better than an ordinary phone. Another reason is that comparison, youth want to buy if after seen from other especially close circle people or friends furthermore, show up to the community for status.

What’s the smartphone utilized the most for?

It depends on the person, but professional or business people mostly use it in vocational life while students utilize it for study, gathering erudition, and playing games to overcome boredom. For example, I use my smartphone to connect with people by calling, chat on social media.

What’s your view about selfies?

Selfish is the way of a photoshoot where a person can take it by themself instead of other help. Now cutting-edge Smartphones also yield several selfish features in phones. I also like to take selfies.

What’s your view on buying an expensive phone?

In my opinion, purchasing an expensive but trusted brand phone is worth it because it came with several new features and materials used to make it superior. It also gives better security. For example, the popular Apple smartphone is expensive, but its features are unique, and it is also long-lasting.

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