In a School That Makes Use of Books Children Find It More Boring

In a school that makes use of books children find it more boring while using films, tv videos games they find it more interesting To what extent do you agree with this???

Many school-goers believe that an educational institution that uses books is more tedious than integrating films and TV video games into their teaching materials. Although using films and videos help students understand the materials easily, I believe books are more beneficial in terms of education.

Many advocates for displaying videos and films in the lessons point out that it makes the knowledge easier for pupils. Traditional teaching methods with books are abstract and impersonal, which means students are likely to feel tedious during the lectures. Adding videos with eye-catching effects to the teaching materials may pique the interest and curiosity of many teenagers. For example, instead of talking about theoretical knowledge in biology lessons, many lecturers can insert some videos about how organisms function or how DNA works. This way of teaching may catch children’s attention in class. Therefore, using videos and films will encourage students to engage in many activities in the class, which helps them to gain better insights into those topics and subjects.

Nonetheless, I believe that exploiting books is more educationally beneficial. In fact, using videos and sounds could distract some students since they keep discussing the video and not focus on the contents. However, books are more detailed and provide full explanations and important information about essential topics for their dream jobs. For instance, in mathematics class, books provide a tremendous amount of exercises ranging from basic problems to advanced ones, from algebra to geometry, which help school-goers calculate more precisely and quickly. Hence, it logically follows that those exercises will help them practice more to be skilled in problem-solving, which plays an indispensable role in our future careers.

In conclusion, although videos and films in teaching materials make the lessons more intriguing, I think that using books brings immense benefits regarding education to students. Thus, schools should strike a balance but prioritize books in lectures.

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