Some Countries Have Introduced Laws to Limit Working Hours for Employees

Some countries have introduced laws to limit working hours for employees. Why are these laws introduced? Do you think they are a positive or negative development?

The authority or superior make rules and regulations thus; people live a better life in some countries its seen that employment working hours are limited. In this essay, I will discuss the reasons behind it as well as which types of development it is, in the following paragraphs, along with a logical conclusion.

To embarking with, there are numerous reasons behind this development. First and foremost is that job availability; there are several money-minded people who never let other work in the community. As a result of these rules made, it is also helpful for other people to give opportunities by sharing work; this law also reduces unemployment. Secondly, busy vocational life has a bad impact on employees’ personal life. Therefore, this law was made. Hence, the person gives time to family and makes strong bonds. In other words, due to these rules employment, people take rest on weekends which day forge other to job opportunities such as student.

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In my opinion, this advancement is positive. Working for long hours and lack of sleep is deleterious for workers’ health. As a result, a person should have to use some proportion of money on medical treatment. In addition, these laws were beneficial for companies because it was helpful to increase productivity; in this limited hours shift, some reports claimed that the next day, workers come with new energy and high concentration level such as 6 to 7 hours job.

To end with, in some countries, the bureaucrats set maximum working hours for employees. Owing to create job opportunities and time flexibility for leisure time, its laws made, and I believe that it increases companies’ productivity and aid person health.

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