Describe a Tall Building in Your Hometown You Like or Dislike

Describe a tall building in your hometown you like or dislike

  • Where it is
  • What it is used for
  • What it looks like

Well, I came from a developed area, not only in my state but also in my country. Seeing tall or mega buildings is bread butter for me.

Today I would like to talk about one of the tall buildings in my town which I like. This building was known as; golden plaza’ and was mainly used by one of the top-ranking IT companies in my area. The building is not far away from my home, just 10 minutes walk away. The building is in the centre of town and near to the bus station. Owing to road corner two sides of building phase main road.

As Above mentioned building main use by an IT company, tech software Pvt; the building has 11 floors. Ground-level 2 floors are used for shop and other use by IT company. This company not only making software although also run coaching classes.

The building has all modern amenities such as a high capacity elevator, essential all emergency way. Even some people say that building is capable of handling low rates of the earthquake. On the terrace, several solar panels sit which generates electronic additionally, also has underground parking system. I’m a computer science student, and I would like to join this company.

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Part 3 Questions Describe a Tall Building in Your Hometown You Like or Dislike

Compare thе differences bеtwееn thе constructions іn уоur city wіth thеm іn 20 years ago? Describe thе building styles іn details?

Well, as I said earlier, I live in urban areas. Thus, construction in 20 ago was also developed, although not much as currently. I guessed 20 years ago; building size was normal, like 1 to 2 floors. Moreover, people couldn’t found adversity to get essential requirements such as travelling. However, currently, the city area is expected to have mega buildings and more population as well as more employment rates. Improvement in transportation system also happen.

Whаt аrе people’s attitudes tо оld building today аnd thаt оf оur lаtеr generation? Shоuld wе protect them? Why?

Nowadays, citizens have no interest in looking at old buildings, and I guess it will be downward in the next generation. For instance, sightseer number is far greater at enjoyment places than ancient buildings. I believe that we ought to protect it; old buildings are symbolic, representing our culture; thus, we have to protect them with authority.

Whаt role dо уоu thіnk thе оld аnd modern buildings play іn thе society?

Old buildings are tourist places now, whereas modern buildings use for different perspectives. Old buildings are also real examples of telling the history and about our culture to children. Mega buildings are in demand, and people are willing to live or work there.

Compare thе differences bеtwееn house аnd apartment.

The majority of People live either in a house or an apartment. The megacity, due to lack of land, has more apartments than a house. Apartments have specific or low space than houses while house-made by maker choice and in the selected area. Moreover, Sunlight and air facilities are better in an apartment than in a house; however, there are better parking provisions.

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