Talk About a Time When You Visited a Farm or Met With a Farmer

Talk about a time when you visited a farm or met with a farmer

  • When you met the farmer
  • Where you met the farmer
  • What you think about farmers

Sample Answer of Talk About a Time When You Visited a Farm or Met With a Farmer

We all know the importance of farmers, for any territory or country farmer play deceive role. We can tell that farmers have a white colour job. Today, I would like to talk about the time when I visited the farm with my family.

It was around three years ago, after completing my 12 exams, I had a 3-month holiday thus my father plans to go to his friend’s house, his name is Ramesh. We went there by bus that distance was 565 KM and it took 11 hours, after taking breakfast, we decided to visit there field.

I heard field wisdom and how to grow plants, but I haven’t visited. Before that time, I only see the fields on tv and from some distance. They have a tractor and go through it; I saw there had several plats and small farms but several different trees. 10 to 15 fruit trees, and I ate2 fruits; it tastes evoke today.

There ten labour who worked there, all are on 300 rupees per day wages. I think farmer and those people who are connected to agriculture that is essential for any country economy. For instance, wheat that we eat is made after around 90 days of farmer hard work. In this industrial era, people forgot farmers role.

Follow-Ups of Talk About a Time When You Visited a Farm or Met With a Farmer

Question 1:- In your country, what kind of farms are most popular?

India is a diverse country; almost 38% Indian economy depends on the agriculture field. In India, numerous types of fields, such as in north India, wheat fields in South India, fruits farms and in west side and mountains areas, tea plants farms.

Question 2:- Do You think farming is important for the economy of your country?

Without any doubt, yes, farmers yield food and other eatable pivotal items, and we all know that without human food, race can’t survive. Abundant of Indian connected with agriculture. Indian 38% economy depends on farming.

Question 3:- Did you do farm work when you were a child?

In my childhood, I tend to go to my grandparents home with my family during summer vacation. My grandparents are farmers, and I used to go to the farm with them. That time I haven’t erudition of farm, but I help them as much as as possible.

Question 4:- Give Your views about farmer protests in India?

Farmers play a crucial role in any territory or country. Farmer gives us eatable food after their hard work. Nowadays they don’t get their hard work result. However, many people get a healthy salary for seating AC cabins, and our farmers don’t get the output of their own work.

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