Nowadays, News Companies Spend a Lot of Money Covering International News

Nowadays, news companies spend a lot of money covering international news. However, local news is more relevant to people’s lives and should receive more funding. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Everyone wants to know about what is happening around the world. Watching the news on television is one of the information sources to get know what is happening around us. But in present days, some news broadcasters only concentrate and spend high on covering international news rather than covering regional news, which is very important for local people. I completely agree with this statement.

Broadcasting international is ok to such an extent, but it should not cost in neglecting the local news, which is very important for local people to know what is happening regionally around them in their city or in their country. For example, if some calamity disaster is going to happen in a city, regional news can help them to know what is happening in local weather; based on weather forecast news, they will be aware of the weather and take care of themselves. Local governments can alert local people using regional news.

Some say, International news is important, but in most cases, international news consists of violence, and they discuss more on war situations which create unnecessary tensions to local people, which is of no use. People have to know first what is happening around them than bother about what is happening around the world.

I conclude That in my opinion Covering and funding Local news is significantly important, as regional news helps local people be aware of what regionally happening. News channels have to take steps to concentrate on regional news than international news in the interest of local people.

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