Talk About a Time Where You Had Kept a Promise

Talk About a Time Where You Had Kept a Promise

Talk About a Time Where You Had Kept a Promise.

  • How did you make it happen?
  • Reason for keeping a promise?
  • How was the experience?

Sample 1 Talk About a Time Where You Had Kept a Promise

During my school days, I vividly remember a time when I made a promise to my best friend, Alex, and successfully kept it despite the challenges I faced. This particular incident not only tested my commitment but also helped me learn the true value of friendship and trust.

It all started when Alex, who was struggling with his studies, approached me for help. He was worried about failing his final exams and desperately needed guidance in Mathematics, which was his weakest subject. Knowing how important these exams were for his future, I promised to help him improve his skills and pass with flying colors.

In order to fulfill my promise, I devised a strategic plan which included a comprehensive study schedule, practice tests, and regular evaluation of his progress. We dedicatedly followed the schedule, sacrificing our leisure time to ensure that we were on track. I patiently explained difficult concepts to Alex, using examples from everyday life to make it easier for him to understand. I also encouraged him to ask questions, no matter how trivial they seemed, to clarify any doubts and strengthen his foundation in the subject.

The reason for keeping my promise was simple: Alex was not just a friend, but a brother to me. I cared about his success and happiness and couldn’t bear to see him struggle. Moreover, I believed that by helping him, I was also reinforcing my own knowledge and improving my teaching skills.

The entire experience was both challenging and rewarding. Balancing my own academic workload while helping Alex was not easy, but it taught me the importance of time management and prioritization. Additionally, witnessing the gradual improvement in his understanding and confidence levels filled me with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

After months of hard work, dedication, and perseverance, the day of the final exams arrived. Alex and I were both anxious, but I had faith in our efforts. When the results were announced, my heart swelled with joy as I saw Alex’s name on the list of successful candidates. He had passed the exams with distinction, and I knew that our combined efforts had paid off.

In conclusion, keeping my promise to Alex was a life-changing experience that taught me the significance of trust, commitment, and friendship. It not only brought us closer but also helped me grow as a person. This incident will always be a cherished memory in my heart, serving as a reminder of the power of determination and the beauty of true friendship.

Follow ups of Talk About a Time Where You Had Kept a Promise

Question 1 Generally speaking, do Indian parents make promises to children?

Answer – Generally speaking, Indian parents, like parents from any other culture, do make promises to their children. The nature of these promises may vary depending on factors such as upbringing, values, and socioeconomic status. Indian parents often emphasize the importance of education, hard work, and family values, and may make promises related to these aspects of life. However, it is important to recognize that each family is unique, and generalizations may not always apply.

Question 2 Do children also make promises to their parents?

Answer – Indeed, children from all cultures, including India, do make promises to their parents as well. The promises made by children often revolve around their academic performance, behavior, or aspirations. These commitments can be a reflection of the values instilled in them by their parents and the cultural norms of their society. While children’s promises may vary in their significance and nature, they serve as a means to foster trust, responsibility, and respect within the parent-child relationship.

Question 3 Do most people fulfil their promises?

Answer – The fulfillment of promises can vary greatly among individuals, regardless of cultural background. While many people strive to honor their commitments, external factors or personal circumstances may sometimes hinder them from doing so. The capacity to fulfill promises often depends on one’s integrity, communication skills, and personal values. Generally, most people endeavor to keep their promises, as doing so is an essential aspect of building trust, maintaining relationships, and upholding a positive reputation.

Question 4 How do you feel when others break their promises?

Answer – I feel disappointed and disheartened when others break their promises. It can be quite demoralizing, as broken promises can negatively impact trust and weaken relationships. Furthermore, it may create a sense of uncertainty and skepticism when dealing with that person in the future. Experiencing broken promises serves as a reminder for me to be more cautious in placing trust and emphasizes the importance of fulfilling my own commitments to maintain healthy relationships.

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