Talk About a Time Where You Had Kept a Promise

Talk about a time where you had kept a promise.

  • How did you make it happen?
  • Reason for keeping a promise?
  • How was the experience?

Sample Answer of Talk About a Time Where You Had Kept a Promise.

Well, I am punctual about keeping a promise. I didn’t give promise in bulk; thus, it’s easy to pick one and talk. Today I would like to talk about one promise I gave to my grandfather, and I completed it. It was not donkey years ago. 4 years ago, I was in std 10. My grandfather’s dream was to be a doctor, although he couldn’t become one due to any reason.

I was in std 10 although, I wasn’t serious about my career and goals. I tended to spend more time on outer activities rather than scrutiny. One day I was playing cricket with my friends in our colony, and my grandfather summons me. And he told me how paramount is education in life, like if one person is not educated, then how community treat as well as he or she faces a predicament in occupational life.
That day he takes my word that I will score over 80% in SSC, which is also beneficial for my ahead career and getting admission to a good school and scholarship. I gave my word and focused on study. I burn midnights to complete my promise. I address my issue or queries and then not only discuss but solve with my tutors and mates.

When I got my results, I was over the moon; I got 83%. And got 7th rank in my school, which was a proud moment for my family and me. My grandfather was also ecstatic. He gifted me a bike in return for completing my promise.

Follow-ups Talk About a Time Where You Had Kept a Promise.

Question 1 Generally speaking, do Indian parents make promises to children?

Answer – Yes, Indian parents make promises to children on nearly every step, such as I will buy a toy for you if you do 6 hours of study, you will get a bike if you score 80 up percentage. They give challenges to children; thus, they work hard and get success.

Question 2 Do children also make promises to their parents?

Answer – I think yes, children also make promises, although most of them are in return for their guardian challenge. They make it more with mates such as I will score more marks than you in next exam.

Question 3 Do most people fulfil their promises?

Answer – Unfortunately, no, in these rat-running lives, the majority of people forget their own words; for instance, people often promise that they will be there in 10 minutes, but they never reach there.

Question 4 How do you feel when others break their promises?

Answer – It hurt me, as well as I feel bad that person forgot own marks and in their life have no my place.

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