Talk About a Toy That You Liked When You Were a Child.

Talk About a Toy That You Liked When You Were a Child.

  • What was the toy?
  • Who gave it to you?
  • How often did you play with it?
    Explain why you liked that.

Sample Answer 1

Well, In childhood, I liked to collect different sorts of toys such as; dolls, soft toys, remote control cars, dancing dolls, and so on. But, here I would like to talk about a favorite toy of my childhood. Well, I remember, when I was in my 6th standard. That time I got 97% in my final examination as well as, I achieved the gold medal in the swimming competition. At that time, my father gifted me a dancing doll. It had a number of features.

Firstly, It was approximately 3to 4 inches high in height and it has pink color as well, it is made in India. Next, Company provided  3d lights, music lights on the head, a pink gown as well, a different types of one-week dresses in the box with matching footwear. Further, at the bottom, the battery area was available and 3 batteries required to play with that doll. I loved to play with that doll because that was my first battery doll.

Furthermore, the all-girls of my street also liked that dolls. I usually played with this doll when I was free from my studies. I spent my free time on it as well, we also stitched some dresses for it with my hands. It was my favorite toy of my childhood. I never forget this doll now and till in my life.

Sample Answer 2:-Talk About a Toy That You Liked When You Were a Child.

In the modern era, there is a number of new toys are available in the market and on online platforms. As well, nowadays, children are preferred to play with electronic devices as compares to the past. Now, I am talking about my favorite toy in my childhood.

I remember that, in 2009, that I was  12 years old and, my maternal grandmother gave me a remote control car. That time I passed my sixth class with 98%. With it, that was my first electronic toy and it was in blood-red color with a black remote.

Moreover, there were a lot of features such as up-down, left-right,swing-run, switch, whistle, speed increase, and decrease, two to three types of song, lighting, and, in the last stop button. It was a monster toy company car. I was usually playing with it in the evening time with my best friend Amit. My other friends also really liked it.

Furthermore, it was my favorite toy because it was gifted by my maternal grandmother. Now, my small brother plays with it. Whenever I see it, I feel very happy as well as, I remember my all childhood and, and my friends. I also miss my grandmother. I never ever forget my maternal grandmother and his gift.


Follow-ups:-Talk About a Toy That You Liked When You Were a Child.

Question:- What is the difference between girls’ and boys’ toys?

Answer:- According to my point of view, there is not enough difference between girls and boys. Mostly girls like soft toys, dolls, makeup kits, doctor kits, and those toys which are no harm to others but, boys like; remote control cars, puzzle games, violent games on the computers. With it, both genders like to play with toys according to their taste.

Question:- Do you think toys really help in children’s development?

Answer:- Definitely, toys play a major role in the kid’s life. With it help the toys children explore the thinking power as well as,  enhance the IQ level of the brain. Parents should provide puzzle games. to their kids. Moreover, children also know about the new technology and electronic gadgets. For example, my cousin also plays online games with the play station and, the full knowledge about the new gadgets and so on.

Question:- Which do you think is better for children to play with toys alone or with other kids?

Answer:- Well, children definitely play with other kids with help of it, muppets easily increase their knowledge. They also know new activities. When children play outdoor games with other kids and, they learn the power of unity.

Question:- Do you think today’s toys are different as compares to the past?

Answer:- Definitely, in the modern era, technology becomes change day by day and, kids also prefer to play with electronic devices. such as play games on the mobile phone, online games on the tab, play stations, and many more. But, in the past time, most children played with wooden toys, cars, dolls, and sand toys.

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