Talk About a Dinner That You Enjoyed Last Night.

Talk About a Dinner That You Enjoyed Last Night.

  • When it was?
  • What did you eat?
  • Who you were with
  •  and explain why you enjoyed it?

Sample Answer 1:- Talk About a Dinner That You Enjoyed Last Night.

Well, I am a very foody person and, I always prefer to eat something new as well as, my sister also prepares few special dishes for me on special occasions and usually. Now, I am discussing the dinner that I really enjoyed. Yesterday, my father’s birthday and, that day is very special for me. Every year, we celebrate this like a festival. My mother and my sister prepare something new and delicious for my father. Last night, my mother and my sister prepared Italian pizza with help of the youtube.

Firstly, my sister went to the local market and, buy some fresh vegetables. After it, she came home and started making pizzas for the birthday party. Moreover, my mother made a doo with the flour. My sister cut the vegetables in a square shape. Next step, she applied the pizza sauce and, spread the pieces of vegetables and pizza cheese.

After it, she baked the pizza in the oven. Furthermore, my mother served that pizzas to all family members. I ate that pizza with full taste because I ate in the nighttime. My family also liked the Italian pizza and my mother tried it time in the life. Everyone praised my mother and sister. I really enjoyed that dinner because I tried that pizza for the first time in my life. The special thing was my father’s birthday party pizza. After it, my grandmother served the ice cream.

Sample Answer 2:- Talk About a Dinner That You Enjoyed Last Night.

Well, nowadays everyone prefers to something new as well, I and my brother both are very foody persons in our family. We always like to eat spicy food and, sometimes sweets on special occasions such as weddings, birthdays and achievement parties and so on. Here, I am discussing the dinner that I really enjoyed at home. Last night my brother won a cricket match and he got the second position. At that time, I decided to celebrate this moment. with it, we were very excited about his success.

Moreover,I and my father ordered food through the zomato app. I ordered chocolate cake, veg-loaded pizza, white sauce pasta, cold drink, and choco ice cream. After it, we received the order within   35 mins at my place. We also invited a few friends of my brother. My brother cut the cake and my mother served it to all family members and friends. After that, we joined the dining table and start eating delicious food. The pizza was fully loaded with the pizza cheese. It was very tasty as well, it is my favorite western food. At the last, we cleaned the dining table and full area of the kitchen. I really enjoyed that celebration and dinner as well as, I will never forget that moment.

Follow-ups question:- Talk About a Dinner That You Enjoyed Last Night.

Question:- Is expensive food always good for health?

Answer:- According to my point of view, no expensive food not always food for the health. For example, junk food and dry fruits both are expensive but, these are not good for health.

Question:- What is the difference between eating at home and eating outside?

Answer:- Well, there are a lot of different eat home and go outside for eating food. In-home, the food makes with fresh vegetables as well as, net and clean way. With it, the full family sits at one past and eats dinner together. If I talk about street food, it is very harmful to human beings. It does not prepare with fresh vegetables. But, there is a number of varieties are available in the market.

Question:- What kinds of foreign foods are popular in your country?

Answer:- India is a diverse country and, there are numerous types of foreign foods available in the local market. Chinese food like momos, spring rolls, Manchurian, cheese chili, Hakka noodles. Moreover, Italian pizza, hot soups, wraps, sandwiches, and so on. These are most popular and, all people prefer to eat this on daily basis.

Question:- Do you like to cook at home?

Answer:- Actually, I am a very foody person and, I also like to cook food with help of the youtube. I love trying new dishes every day. I mostly prefer to prepare food at home with help of my sister because she is an expert in cooking.

Question:- Do you like to eat food at home and outside?

Answer:- Well, I am a very health-conscious person and, I always like to eat food eat home because we use fresh vegetables and fruits at home. As well as, my mother usually makes my favorite food in different ways.

Question:- Do people have to pay a lot for food for a special occasion?

Answer:- Definitely, in my country India, people spend a lot of money on food during parties and festivals. At festivals, people are gift costly sweets to their dear ones and express the feeling for each other. With it, most people prefer to go outside with family and friends for the lunch and, usually for dinner.

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