Describe Your Favorite Clothes.

Describe Your Favorite Clothes.

  • What is it like?
  • Who gave it to you or where you bought it?
  • How often you wear it?
  • Explain how you feel about it or why you enjoy wearing it.

Sample Answer 1:-Describe Your Favorite Clothes.

Nowadays, everyone prefers to wear different types of clothes on different sorts of occasions and daily basis. Mostly, youngsters like to wear western clothes as compares to traditional. But, here I would like to talk about my favorite piece of clothes. Well, I am a student and, I usually like to wear a t-shirt and jeans because these are more comfortable in contrast to traditional dresses. It is a flying machine brand t-shirt and jeans.

Well, I bought it from the flying machine showroom which is located in the central part of my city. It is a light sky blue color t-shirt and dark blue jeans. I always like to wear it because the stuff of this company is more amazing as compares to other brands. When I go to college that time I normally wear this outfit.

Moreover, the shirt is full of cotton stuff and the jeans are also wonderful. I feel very comfortable when I wear it because firstly, it’s my favorite brand of clothes and, I do not feel any type of hesitation. I can wear this outfit anywhere and anytime as well as, the combination also wonderful. Sometimes I wear to special occasions and festivals.  Well, yesterday I did not wear it then, I did not feel comfortable. Today, I wear and feel something different and special as compares to yesterday. when I wear that time I feel happy and more confident.

Follow-up Question / Answer:- Describe Your Favorite Clothes.

Question:- What is the difference between the dressing style of young people and that of old people?

Answer:- Well, there are a lot of differences between the wearing style of the new generation and the old generation. Mostly, youngsters like to wear branded clothes and, according to the latest trend. For example, Shirts, T-shirts, jeans, joggers, hoodies, gowns, and so on. On the opposite side, old people prefer to wear traditional clothes and homemade clothes. For example, formal shirt and pants, kurta, salwar -Kurti, and many more.

Question:- What kinds of clothes do people wear after work?

 Answer:- In the modern era, everyone busy in the work and, when people come from their work, they feel very tired. As well as, they also want to wear that clothes which are more comfortable like T-shirt, lower, cotton gown, Kurti and so on.

Question:- What types of clothes should people wear at work?

Answer:- Well, mostly workaholic people should wear formal clothes. Males and females should wear formal shirts and pants. There are different uniform codes available in some companies. Moreover, people should wear formal coat pants at work.

Question:-Do you think women and men like the same types of color clothes?

Answer:- According to my point of view, males and females both have a different color choice related to clothes. Mostly, women like wear to a dark color on special occasions as well as, they have proper knowledge related to regular and trending colors. In males’ case, they do not have enough knowledge about color. Sometimes, boys choose the color according to their friends and family.

Question:- What kinds of clothes you like on special occasions?

Answer:- Well, I mostly prefer to wear traditional and western clothes on special occasions because both suit me. Such as; gowns,  jumpsuits, one-piece, dresses, and so on. remember, at my birthday party, I wore a pink color gown which was gifted by my mother.

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