Describe a Photo of You That You Like.

Describe a photo of you that you like:

  • when was it taken?
  • where was it taken?
  • who took it? or how you took it?
  • Explain how you felt about the photo.

Sample Answer 1:- Describe a Photo of You That You Like.

I always prefer to clicking pictures on a daily basis and on special occasions. It is a good way to save memories in phones and pen drives. But, now I talk about a photo that I really like. 1 year ago I went to Shimla with my friends. That time my best friend Aman’s birthday. we reached there 5to 6 hours by car. Firstly, we visited the local market of Shimla and enjoyed street food. That time I and my one friend decided to order the cake for the birthday girl.

After it, we visited the snow valley because I love to play with snow. At that time, my best friend clicks the group photo with a sony max camera. In one photo, I and my friends played with the snowballs and, the background of the photo was fully covered by natural beauty like snow, trees, sunlight, and so on.

I wore the red Huddy, dark blue jogger with black snowshoes as well, my face and smile look so cute in this picture. This is my favorite photo and I set this picture on my cell phone screen. When I am open my phone lock that time I really miss the Shimla trip.

Sample Answer 2:- Describe a Photo of You That You Like.

Photos are a source of saving memories of life such as funny, emotional, sad, and anger moments. When we want to store some moments of our life then, photos are playing a major role in our life. Here I am going to talk about a photo which is click by me. I remember when I and my friends went on a tour of the Kedarnath temple. That tour was very different from others and we really enjoyed it there as well, we clicked a lot of photos of animals, hills, greenery, and natural beauty with iPhone 11pro. When we entered the temple.

We saw the big statue of lord shiva and we clicked selfie there with fully smiley faces. That was my favorite photo of this trip. That moment was very amazing for me because in that photo the statue of lord shiva was decorated with different types of colorful cloths and fresh flowers. Moreover, that picture looks like wallpaper, and I framed this photo with a golden black border and hang it on the wall of my living area. I speak the truth, this is really my favorite photo of my life. Whenever I see this picture I remember the whole tour of the Kedarnath. It is an unforgettable moment of my life.

Follow-ups Question /Answer:- Describe a Photo of You That You Like.

Question: Do Indian people like to take photos of themselves?

Answer: Yes, Indian people like to take pictures of themselves. Nowadays, everyone has smartphones and they prefer to take selfies on the phones on a daily basis. With it, it is a good way to keep memories on the phone and other devices. In the latest smartphones front and back, both cameras are available.

Question: what kinds of devices do people like to use for taking photos these days?

Answer: In the modern era, there are a number of devices are available in the market such as different companies smartphones, phones, handy cameras, and professional cameras, selfie sticks, and so on.

Question: Why do some people like to delete photos?

Answer: Well, everyone has their own choice related to delete photos. sometimes, the photographer does not click well pictures that’s why they delete the photos. Another reason, people do not have enough memory or space in the cell pho

Question:  Why do some people like to keep photos?

Answer: Actually, the number of people like to keep photos. With help of it, everyone saves the memories and when they want to remember the moment when they see the picture. For example, I also keep my childhood and school time photos. when I miss my friends that time opens the folder on my laptop as well. remember the full school life again and, feel on the seventh cloud.

Question: How often do you take photographs?

Answer: Actually, I like to take photos on special occasions like birthdays, marriage, anniversaries, promotion parties on and daily basis. It is a good way to keep memories as well as, I have a huge collection of my photos from my childhood to till now.

Question:- In what situations do you take photographs?

Answer:- Well, I prefer to click photos on special occasions as well, when I am going outside with friends and family. Furthermore, when I am trying my new clothes the first time and so on.

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