The Gap Between the Rich and The Poor Is Becoming Wider; the Rich Are Becoming Richer,

The gap between the rich and the poor is becoming wider; the rich are becoming richer, and the poor are getting even poorer. What problems can the situation cause? What can be done to reduce this gap? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experience.

The disparity in wealth accumulation between the rich and poor is widening further despite how the world has advanced and evolved. This imbalance in this state of affairs can cause problems such as: Rural-urban migration, the poor will most often want to travel to the cities in search of greener pastures. This will result in a lot of pressure on the social amenities in the cities as a result of congestion and overpopulation.

Again, it will lead to the exploitation of the poor. Since the rich are already aware of the disparity between them and the poor and how desperate the former are in terms of seeking funds to cater for themselves, they will most often pay wages that are way below the minimum wage. Furthermore, it will lead to a shortage in the agricultural produce of the country because most farmers from the rural areas have migrated to the cities resulting in shortages of hands in the farming sector.

More so, this disparity can lead to an increase in bad vices, especially in the cities. Lack of job, social amenities, and poor standard of living has always been part of the causative agents of increase in crime rates like armed robbery, prostitution, kidnap and rape cases. To mitigate the disparity between the rich and the poor, I suggest the below points.

First of all, community sensitization programs should be conducted often for poor people. These programs should focus on their self-development in terms of their way of life and financial literacy. This will help them make informed life decisions like the relevance of formal education, as most of them don’t place much value on it. Knowledge of financial literacy will help them know what businesses and investments they should take part in and their long term benefits.

Again proper jobs should be created in most of these rural areas such that most of its youth won’t fancy moving to the urban areas in search of greener pastures. This will lessen the pressure on the urban areas and help develop the rural areas as well.

In conclusion, social amenities like schools, toilets, community centres, modern markets, proper roads and recreational centres should be constructed in these rural areas as it will motivate the youths to live and work in their communities.

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