The Increase in People’s Life Expectancy Means that They Have to Work

The increase in people’s life expectancy means that they have to work older to pay for their retirement. One alternative is that people start to work at a younger age. Is this alternative a positive or negative development?

Humankind has a host of essential requirements, and to complete, they have to work. It is true that life expectancy also grows, some people believe that people have to work in the golden age; however, some feel that start working at a teenage age would be better. I believe that this letter view is positive; my inclination will be justified in the following paragraphs, along with a logical conclusion.

There are several reasons why I would argue that starting vocational life at young adult life is a positive advancement. First and foremost, we all know that with increasing age the majority of people face a tribulation. Older people have less physical strength even some are struggling with illnesses such as low blood pressure hence, its better to work at a young and retire early in addition, if they work at old age, its also forge predicament for them like hard to handle cutting edge equipment, work with youth. Secondly, in an adult life stage, a person has energy and has more scope to get satisfied and a healthy salary job. Finally, the community also see from another angle if 65 plus ager working for retirement.

However, for retirement working at old age also carries few advantages. Around the world plethora of job which sustainable them such as gardener. Moreover, just sitting at home and lonely life also deleterious for some people thus, work till able to make a better choice. Furthermore, the authority has to pay a healthy pension so, citizens take retirement early and are not required to work for it.

In conclusion, some individuals think that human beings should have to work after turning 60 for retirement although, others argued that they could start working at a young age. I believe that if people start working at an earlier age, then they have more opportunities, scope while, late in life, hard to work with less physical strength and with next-generation youth.

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