The tendency of human beings to copy one another is shown in the popularity of fashion clothes (2) (1)

The Tendency of Human Beings to Copy One Another Is Shown in the Popularity of Fashion Clothes

The tendency of human beings to copy one another is shown in the popularity of fashion clothes and consumer goods. To What extent do you agree or disagree?

In this contemporary era, it is irrefutable that individuals mimic others fashions of attire and brand in order to show prosperity as well as they want to be good-looking. I agree with it to a certain extent that imitation is the cause of the popularity of fashionable clothes and products.

Firstly, it is true that Western clothes are popular all over the world and society follows some trend that is common at present. For instance, people living in countries like India and Nepal where more than one-half citizens accept the western style in day-to-day life, even though every province of India and Nepal has their traditional attire. This is mainly the result of emulating fashion trends, especially amongst youngsters. Secondly, trade and business are rising in every nook and corner of the world that has made goods ubiquitous and can be bought everywhere.

In addition to this, in the present day, it is easy to do commerce online. Therefore, people have more options to purchase commodities, and sometimes they follow their role models and celebrities such as actors, singers or influencers as fluctuation in the trend of western-style and new gadgets or things. For example, Nike footwear sell has been increased when the famous cricketer Virat Kohli joined Nike as a brand ambassador.

However, nowadays, society is more educated than in the past, and they have the understanding to buy products and clothes accordingly to their budget. Although they are influenced by celebrities to purchase goods, they do not blindly follow them before verifying the products, gadgets as well as attire.

All in all, having looked at all the points, my point of view is that the tendency of people to copy someone is because the fashion world has been changing every year, and they want new products, but they are buying them in their budget.

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