Traditional Ideas from Older People About the Way to Live

Traditional ideas from older people about the way to live and behave are not helpful to young people and their futures. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It has seen that generation by generation people living style and lifestyle changed. Some people believe that older people, behaviour, and live regards ethics ideas are not beneficial for today’s youngsters and ahead of life. I partially disagree with the given notion my inclination will be justified in the following paragraphs, along with the logical conclusion.

On the one hand, embarking with older people teaches us the moral value of life, which aid a better person and benefits the community. For instance, before 3 decades combined families used to be there. Suppose both parents are going to work grandparents used to take care of the children which help the children to build good conduct. In addition, they also used to tell stories where children learn how to behave in their lives. Apart from it, in nuclear family children growth and has developed while in single-family children were addicted to electronic gadgets, some of them also for drug and drinking habits.

On the other hand, in this advanced era, a host of ancient ideas and lifestyles are not helpful, and some are changed. First and foremost, if we look at a couple of generations back, people give more priority to men and education was not prioritized; however, currently, no gender issues and women also get the same respect as men, people willing to educate. Secondly, many ethical lifeways are not useful to youth, such as second marriage for a widow, only getting an education to become a doctor, engineer mentality.

To summarize, some people feel that older people’s references and suggestions about the pathway of life and behaviour are not useful to the young generation and their early stages of life. I believe that youth have to adopt new things, but traditional ideas succour them to better future.

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