When New Towns Are Planned, It Is Important to Build More Public Parks or Sports Facilities

When New Towns are planned, It is important to build more public parks or sports facilities than shopping centres for people to spend their free time. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In planning a new town, it is essential to plan on what to put in place in the new town. It has been said, building fewer shopping malls and more public parks and stadiums for people to relax during leisure time is crucial in new town development, and this I totally agree with.

Shopping centres are not the best places for people to spend their free time because free time is meant for people to rest physically and mentally, but shopping malls do not provide an environment that promotes relaxation, rather they add to one’s stress. The stress of picking goods to buy, queuing in a long line to make payment for selected goods affect body and mind relaxation.

However, parks and sports centres have a serene environment which will help people to calm their nerves. They usually have vantage points where people can enjoy their views and be happy. Spending leisure time at the arena and parks don’t require expanding energy. Rather it helps people to conserve energy and be refreshed.

Although having more than one mall is not a total disadvantage, it will solve the problem of congestion of one centre and give people the privilege of getting varieties at their pocket-friendly price by shopping at a centre that provides suitable service for them. Nevertheless, constructing more shopping centres than recreational centres in a town will make inhabitants have limited access to the area for recreational activities and make their leisure timeless fun.

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