You Have a Facebook Friend Living in Another Country

You Have a Facebook Friend Living in Another Country and she/he is curious to learn about a major news item in your country.
Write a letter to your Facebook friend. In your letter

Describe a news story in your country.
Explain why people are interested in it.
Say how the story personally relates to you.

Dear Kuldeep,

I hope this letter finds you well. I’m excited to share with you one of the major news stories that’s been circulating in my country recently.

The story that has been capturing the attention of many people here is the upcoming national election. The election is scheduled to take place next month, and it has generated a lot of interest and discussion. There are several reasons why people are interested in this story. Firstly, the outcome of the election will have significant implications for the country’s future direction, including economic policies, social welfare programs, and foreign relations. Additionally, there has been some controversy surrounding the election process, with allegations of fraud and concerns about voter suppression.

As for me, this story has a personal connection as I will be participating in the election as a first-time voter. I feel that it is important to exercise my right to vote and have a say in the future of my country. I have been following the news closely to make an informed decision about which candidate I will be supporting.

In addition to the election, there have been other news stories that have been making headlines, such as the ongoing pandemic and its impact on the country’s healthcare system and economy, as well as environmental concerns and efforts to combat climate change.

Overall, I think it’s important to stay informed about what’s happening in our respective countries and around the world. I would love to hear about any major news stories or events that are happening in your country as well.

Take care and stay safe.

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