You Left Your Book at A Friend’s Home, and You Want Him to Send It Back

You left your book at a friend’s home, and you want him to send it back. Write a letter to your friend. In the letter, you should tell:-

  • Describe your book
  • Tell him where you left it at
  • Suggest what he can do about it.

Dear Sam,

Hey! I am writing this letter to inform you that I left one of the critical books at your place during my recent stay there.

The book is not as costly, but that is very near to me as it was gifted by my husband at the time of covid. The front page of the book is read, and its name is ‘attitude is everything. I’ve book is a little bit thick, and the pages inside it are of yellowish. And also, in the book, there are so many things written with the blue pen, so it will be easy to find out for you.

As per my knowledge, I am quite sure that I left that in a drawer which is beside the dressing table. If you do not find it there, you can try to search in the cupboard where I used to put my clothes.

I actually want that book to me as soon as possible because I am about to finish the reading and I m very excited to complete the book. If possible, send it to someone or else courier it to me.

I know I am bothering you, but I need that book.

In advance, thank you so much.

With love

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