People Who Cause Their Own Illnesses Through Unhealthy Lifestyles and Poor Diets

People who cause their own illnesses through unhealthy lifestyles and poor diets should have to pay more for health care. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Generally, the modern lifestyle has brought up copious transformations in the life of individuals living standards. In the salad days of the millennium, the individuals are not taken care of by themselves. They consume more junk food, and they do not spend their money on health. I tend to deem that this concept is extremely beneficial for them.

To commence with, multifarious reasons are associated with this notion. Predominantly, due to busy schedules, the people are busy with their work. They do not have enough time for preparing homemade food. Therefore they eat unhealthy food. Those meals are tasty, but they are the cause of illness. Consequently, it has a harmful effect on individual health. Another striking reason behind these eating habits. These days People use more junk food they do not spend time for doing exercises, most people are educated from Universities but they facing stress problems it also put the effect on the individual lifestyle.

On the other hand side, it has a wide range of reasons, the unhealthy lifestyle people who have participated the outdoors activities as well as those activities which are related to the healthy diet then the individuals can learn the new things for maintaining their health. For instance, the local health centres invite individuals for participating the health activities which is organized by doctors. Hence, this is a better way to maintain their health.

To Recapitulate, it can be said that a healthy lifestyle is an essential need in today’s time. In my perspective, with the help of exercise people can maintain their health.

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