A Friend Is Considering Buying a House Nearby but You Have Decided to Leave the Area

A friend is considering buying a house nearby but you have decided to leave the area due to a rise in crime. Write a letter to your friend advising them not to move into the neighbourhood. In your letter:

  • Recommend that your friend not go ahead with the purchase.
  • Give the reasons behind your decision to leave.
  • Suggest possible alternative areas that you know.

Dear Duke,

I am glad that you have finally decided to buy a home; however, I am writing this letter to restrict you from buying it in my nearby area. I hope you will find this information helpful.

Let me tell you in more detail. I moved to Shivaji Nagar two years ago and things were going smoothly. The trouble started six months ago when one of my colleagues was looted late-night while he was returning from the workplace. Furthermore, I also heard of several criminal activities in the last few months due to which I am also finding a new flat in Gandhi Nagar. As I know your job is in a call centre in which you have to do night shifts. Thus, it is not preferable to purchase a house in this part of the city.

As an alternative, you can think of Gandhi Nagar as well as Indira Nagar because those areas are in the heart of the city and you will have various transportation options. Additionally, properties in those areas are quite cheaper than Shivaji Nagar. Please get in touch with me if you need more information.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Your friend,

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