Describe a House or Apartment You Would Like to Live In: Recent Speaking Cue Card

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Describe a house or apartment you would like to live in

  • What it is like?
  • Where it would be?
  • Why you would like to live in this house/apartment?
  • And how do you feel about this house/apartment?

Sample Answer

I would like to describe two apartments so when I was a kid, I felt that I wanted a house which was near to the park so that I could visit every day and play with my friends. But now I want to live in a house which is situated a bit far from the centre of the city and which is surrounded by natural beauty like a small river or pond nearby where I can hear the chirping of birds in the morning rather than blowing horns of cars. My house must have one small park, a play area for children, a senior citizen park, a library for reading, a gymnasium, a swimming pool and also a home theatre. This would be the best definition for me of my dream house modern amenities along with a peaceful surrounding atmosphere.

Follow-ups of Describe a House or Apartment You Would Like to Live In

Question 1:- Do most Indian people live in an apartment or house?

Answer- yes, most people in India live in apartments or houses. It depends on their socioeconomic status, how big or small a house is, like two BHK, 3 BHK or a big villa.

Question 2:- Do young people in your country like to live with their parents or by themselves?

Answer- Due to job or studies, young people have to move to different place from their native place so in the beginning days they usually stay by themselves, but as they get settled their they prefer staying with their parents only because parents are only ones who love us unconditionally and staying with them is like a blessing.

Question 3:- Would you live in a foreign country in the future?

Answer- Well, being a girl, I don't know about my future because where I will live will be decided after my marriage. If I get married to an NRI guy, then ya will live in a foreign in future, but for now, I have no plan to move abroad.

Question 4:- How is modern home design in your country different to that of the past?

Answer- Morden homes are more spacious; every room is provided with an attached toilet bathroom and gallery. Also, modern apartments have facilities like a park, home theatre, gym etc

Question 5:- In your country what type of home do most people live in?

Answer- in big cities, most people live in high raised apartments, and in villages, people live in houses or farmhouses. Because in cities, bungalows are very costly, and the population in cities are also more, staying in an apartment is a feasible choice for most people.

Question 6:- What kinds of apartments are the most popular?

Answer- Apartments which are spacious with attached bathrooms, with store room for storage of kitchen stuff and also with personal parking space and which are situated near supermarkets or grocery stores are more popular.

Question 7:- What are the differences between houses that young people and old people like?

Answer- Both young and old people like houses which are spacious but young people like houses which have more sports facilities and old people like a house which has a park and sitting area. Also, young people can live in apartments, but old people find it a bit suffocating to live in an apartment. They prefer either row houses or bungalows.

Question 8:- What are the differences between apartments and houses?

Answer- Appointments are high raised with multiple blocks in the society, and the population is more in apartments. In the apartment, the neighbour's house is near, and you have each other's balcony or windows facing. In houses area is big, neighbours' houses are a bit far you don't find their balcony or window facing yours .in houses you have a personal park and Teresa, but in the apartment both are common.

Question 9:- Do people usually rent or buy a house? Why?

Answer- People who have moving jobs prefer renting a house because they have to move to a new city every 2 -3 years because of the job, but people who have stable jobs usually prefer buying a house.

Question 10:- Why do people sometimes move to live in a different home?

Answer- Most people move to a different home because it is near to their workplace. Sometimes after marriage or after kids, people also move to a different house for privacy and to live the lifestyle that they want. People from villages move to cities for study purposes.

Question 11:- What do you imagine people’s houses will be like in the future?

Answer- In the future, people's houses will have more safety measures like fire alarms, CCTV cameras, people have intercoms, and smart lock systems may be which are paired to your phones which can warn you when anyone tries to enter your house.

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