Some Think that Governments Should Tax Unhealthy Foods to Encourage People to Eat Healthier

Some think that governments should tax unhealthy foods to encourage people to eat healthier. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some individuals believe that To make people eat healthier stuff government should put a tax on junk food. Eating habits of people are changing, and in the fast life, people tend to eat more fast food, which is leading to many health-related issues and preventing the government should tax unhealthy foods. I partially agree with this statement. In the following essay, I will discuss the same.

Eating healthy is key to staying healthy and fit. What you eat is reflected by your body and soul. This is what we have been learning from our elders for so long, but office life and busy working schedule has distracted most of us from eating healthy. Due to lack of time, a lot of people relied on junk food and packed ready to eat food items which contained a lot of preservatives. Also, the Weekend party culture is increasing in which people gather and eat a lot of unhealthy stuff like pizza, pasta, lasagna, sandwiches, momos, Chinese food and whatnot. This food contains cheese and all-purpose flour, and also many foods are fried, having a lot of oil. Moreover, people do not exercise regularly, which leads to many health issues like cardiac problems, cholesterol rise, obesity and so on.

To stop people from eating junk all the time, it is a good idea to put a tax on such food items the government yet I feel this will work to some extent only because the middle-class family who can not afford to eat due to high tax will definitely reduce junk food intake, but upper-class people who can afford things would continue to eat junk. So to direct people towards healthier eating only, the tax will not help. In my opinion, the government should focus more on educating people about nutrition and diet; that will help more.

To summarize, Guiding people toward a healthy diet along with a tax on unhealthy food items will help more.

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