Many Doctors Recommend that Older People Exercise Regularly

Many doctors recommend that older people exercise regularly, but most patients do not follow an exercise routine. Why do you think this happens? How can people be encouraged to exercise regularly?

Exercise has been shown to have a lot of health benefits for everyone, especially older people. As people age above a certain point, they tend to be less physically active. Regular exercise is a way to maintain physical activity in less active people. This is why most doctors recommend regular exercise in older people. The reality, however, is that most people do not follow any particular exercise routine.

One reason why this happens is that most people are not aware of what can be classified as exercise; therefore, they do not know exactly what to do. Some people also fall on the internet for information. The internet, however, provides a magnanimous amount of information. Hence you would realize they do not stick to one routine and practice different modes of exercise depending on what they read. Others also rely on what friends and colleagues would tell them to do. Since different people have their own way of exercise, listening to more than one person would more often result in practising different routines.

Another reason for not following an exercise routine is that most people do not like to register with qualified instructors. Exercising with an appropriate provides assurance that you are going to stick to a particular routine. Most people would like to exercise at the convenience of their homes instead of registering with a gymnasium that has qualified instructors. This means that the routine every day would be different since there would be no one to provide guidance.

The next reason is that people expect to see results in a very short while after starting routine exercise An example is, people who are hypertensive or trying to lose weight might be instructed to exercise regularly. After a short while, they may stop the exercise since they may not be seeing the result they would want to see in the short term and conclude the routine exercise is not effective.

People can be encouraged to exercise regularly by continuous education on the benefits of routine exercise. Here they should be made aware of the health benefits of exercise. A professional physiotherapist could also be utilized to teach people good exercise routines. People who have seen positive results from regular exercise could be invited to share their experiences and motivate people to exercise routinely.

In conclusion, exercise is a healthy activity that is why it is recommended by most doctors. People do not follow an exercise routine because of a lack of information on how to exercise, reluctance to sign up with a qualified gymnasium instructor and the time it takes to yield significant results. People can be encouraged to exercise regularly through education on the benefits, inviting professional physiotherapists to teach appropriate exercise routines and inviting people who have benefitted from regular exercise to share testimonies.

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