Some Think Increasing Business and Cultural Contact Between Nations Is Positive

Some think increasing business and cultural contact between nations is positive. Others think it leads to the disappearance of the national identity. Discuss both views and state your own opinion.

Due to globalization, Many companies tried to collaborate with many other nations for business. There is a split view about it. One group of people say that spending business and cultural contact between nations is good, whereas another group are arguing with saying that it will result in the vanishing the national identity. Before committing anything, let’s discuss both views.

Examining the formal view, the primary argument the supporters would put forward is quality. For example, If the company from another nation is making good quality product then why not another countries’ people let them enjoy. And it is also beneficial for both countries as they will get GST more and company for making their sales international. Additionally, They also believe that cultural contact is beneficial for both; this is because of one word one nation slogan. For instance, many countries want to enjoy the festival around the globe, and they won’t learn about the other country history. Then it can be the best way to making the good relationship between two countries.

On the contrary, the latter view suggests that it can lead the war or vanishing nationality. This is because of the past incidence. They are fear being a slave by another country. For example, east India company has taken the country on their hand because of dept of the most of king in India and Indian people has taken more than a century to take back the nation in their hand. Besides this, the second reason might be sales. Many people want to purchase things which are from abroad and this it becomes the trend. For a good illustration, if their country’s company provide the best product with low money instead of buying them, people love to buy the expensive stuff which is not even in good quality. It may lead to down the economy of their country.

To conclude and give my opinion, I would say that formal view is beneficial to both, now the many governments are making the term and conditions for the company to sale their product in their country. And if they deny the company for sales, then it can be harmful to their country’s company. So I truly believe that increasing business and cultural contact is positive.

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