Describe a Long Walk You Ever Had

Describe a long walk you ever had

  • When does this happen?
  • Where do you walk?
  • Who you were with?
  • And explain how you felt about this walk?

Sample Answer of Describe a Long Walk You Ever Had

A healthy body has a healthy mind. The best way to maintain health is by doing the walk and exercising regularly. The walk is the bipedal or tetrapedal locomotion in which feet move on alternative way and distance will be covered. The walk is most essential to maintain health. During a walk, the whole body is in motion, which increases heartbeat, breathing rate, and excretion system also increase. It provides more heat in the body helps in dissolving excess fats in the body that helps in weight loss. And the secretions produced by the body helps in maintaining thermoregulation of the body. I like to take a long walk, enjoying a cool breeze. When a cool breeze tough my face, it feels such joyful movements for me. I mostly walk in early and at night having no heavy roads and less air pollution in air will occuŕe. One winter night, my uncle and I decided to go home on foot. He is very ardent and good looking and helps me in my studyWe both are more ambitious for walk-in cool nights. We both take a big round to the whole city. We both got to the long tripe. During our walk, both discuss my future study plan. It is more helpful waĺk that they guide me to study according to my own interest.

Follow-ups of Describe a Long Walk You Ever Had

Question 1:- What outdoor activities do people like?

Answer- The activities that are to be done outside the house. These activities are of different kinds, maybe a healthy or unhealthy environment. Every people have different activities according to their taste. In leisure time they enjoy most activities are gossips with friends, shopping, playing games, parties with fellow and family. The most popular one is time spent with friends.

Question 2:- What are the differences between the outdoor activities children did in the past and now?

Answer- In the past, children like to play with sand and clay that innovate for inventing new things. They play with wooden made items that provide them more energy and creativity. But now a day, children are busy with unhealthy activities. They make them lazy and boring. They want to live alone in multimedia life.

Question 3:- Is leisure important to everyone? why?

Answer- Leisure time is the spare time in which people relax their body and mind. Everyone requires leisure time to enjoy the glory of life and rest their body and mind from the hard-working routine of life that make it dull. Free time is the joy time in which people make fun and do extra activities such as shopping, gardening visiting their fellows and so on.

Question 4:- Do women have more leisure than men?

Answer- Yes, of course, women share more leisure time because there are weeks and they are not able to work the whole day. They have the responsibility of the whole family and children to serve them directly and indirectly. But men are too strong and hard. They work hard for earning to fulfil the requirements of a large family.

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