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Shopping Is the Favourite Free Time Activity for Many Young People Today

Shopping is the favourite free time activity for many young people today. Why do you think this has happened? Should young people be encouraged to do different activities in their free time rather than shopping? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

In recent times, it’s been said that shopping is the favourite leisure activity for many youths. Youthful exuberance has made our young ones too enthusiastic about buying trending things, shopping centres also being an avenue for meeting people has also contributed to the increase of shopping activities among the youths.

I strongly believe youths should be involved in other leisure activities like sports and games, which will improve their vibrancy and intellect. Youths are the engine room of every nation, and their inputs have a general effect on the growth of the nation. In as much as meeting new people through shopping helps ones social activity, this could make the youths docile if this becomes the major activity without involving intellectual games and sports to keep the body and mind fit.

The majority of the youths are of employable ages and need to bring their A-game to their various organizations. Some employers emphasize in their job advert for intending applicants to be physically fit and intellectually sound. Being fit and strong can only be achieved by involving in either indoor or outdoor sports. Some young persons cannot endure strenuous jobs and end up breaking down during the course of their job. These affected persons are being rushed to the hospital, and the employee ends up incurring hospital bills that may have been avoided by being physically fit.

Research has shown that youths who engage in more physical and mental exercises perform better at work than those who aren’t involved. People who perform better are favoured during the performance review and promoted afterwards.

Shopping is a good leisure activity as it promotes meeting people of diverse personalities and also an avenue to purchase needed items in the household or oneself. But youths should engage in other leisure activities already mentioned, to help intellectual and physical growth which in turn aid the development of the nation.

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