Many People Believe that Playing Games and Watching Tv Programmes Is Beneficial but Others (1)

Many People Believe that Playing Games and Watching Tv Programmes Is Beneficial but Others

Many people believe that playing games and watching TV programmes is beneficial but others say it doesn’t improve the mental ability of children. to What extent do you agree or disagree.

Although many people believe that a given statement is convincing, I think in a reverse manner and agree with the given statement. My inclination is justified in the ensuing paragraphs.

Out of all arguments of the topic, the strongest one to prove my point is practical awareness in children. The children who watch TV programmes have better practical knowledge than others as in the era of technology there is more deep knowledge about the subject available in programs with three dimensions images and models. For example, children who watch the Mega factory TV programmes run by Discovery Channel have expanded mind and realistic points and to other children have only boom knowledge If they have not seen anything real or practical.

Besides this, it is also true that TV programmes have become a vital tool to visit many places in the world as all children can not able to visit all places to the world. This thing will be beneficial in their geographical, social or science subjects too. For example, if In geographic subject they are learning for maps and mount Everest. National geography channel helps them much more than libraries. A good example is a man vs Wild TV show.

Along with these reasons, another reason to prove my point is a sharp mind activity. Scientists have proven that by playing games, a child memory becomes sharp, but her parents should have taken care of the game which they are playing. However, I would not overlook another side too. To begin with, TV programmes improve knowledge from a practical point of view, but that knowledge will not be worthy without any theological explanation, which is only obtained by books and classrooms sessions. Also, for geographical study, there are numerous factors that need to be in consideration and to remember theoretically which they will not show in TV programmes, in addition, nowadays TV programmes have become more advertising tool than programmes representing.

Thus, to wrap up the discussion, it can be said that despite points of theoretical knowledge and advertisement, my reasons for realistic knowledge as well as a virtual understanding of geography are logically acceptable.

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