Describe a Place Where Someone Hurts You.

Describe a Place Where Someone Hurts You.

  • Where it was?
  • When did it happen?
  • Who with you?
  • Explain what you felt about it?

Sample Answer:-Describe a Place Where Someone Hurts You.

All people have feelings and some people hurt someone’s feelings intentionally and, unintentionally. I am a very emotional person and a lot of people hurts my feeling. But, now I would like to talk about a place where someone hurts me.

Where it was?
Well, it is Cafe Coffee Day which is trade in Central part of my home town and northern part of India.

When did it happen?

Approximately 2 months ago that time my elder sister’s birthday. I and my mother decided to celebrate her birthday outside.

Who with you?
Next, my mother invited all my relatives and Street friends of my sister. After it, my mother visited Cafe. First of all, the choco cake for my sister. Then, I showed some pictures of all decorations on my cell phone.

Explain what you felt about it?
Moreover, in the evening time at 7 o’clock. My sister came back home from the party because her college friend also organized her birthday party. Furthermore, all my family members and relatives visited that Cafe and when my sister reach there and she cut the cake.

Then, all people gave gifts to her as well, I also gave her a black one-piece dress as a gift. She opened my gift, at that time she told me it is a very low class and cheap dress.

Next, that time I ignored it but, her words really hurt me and my feelings because, of what that dress from my shaving. I never forget this moment rest of my life.

Follow-ups Question/ Answers: Describe a Place Where Someone Hurts You.

Question: – in your country people hurts other persons feeling?

Answer:- In my country India, people take care of other person’s feelings because they well known about the value of the true feelings of people but, sometimes folks hurt others’ emotions intentionally and sometimes unintentionally.

Question: – parents know about their children’s feelings?

Answer: – well, parents always know about dear kids’ feelings because parents know them from their birth. As well, especially mothers also like and dislike things and eatable things about their muppets.

Question:- people are easily showing their feelings to another person?

Answer: – according to my point of view, every person has different types of thinking levels related to sharing their feelings with another person. Some people like to share their problems with strangers but, another hand side, some folks prefer to express their emotions to their dear ones and family members. With it, some of the individuals like to height their emotions from other people.

Question:- do you prefer to share our feelings with family members or friends?

Answer:- I truly speak, most of the time I like to share my feelings with my friends because understand my situation and my condition. But, I like to share my good news and happiness with my friends and family because both are very important for me.

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