Describe a time that you wore a type of clothes for a special occasion.

Describe a time that you wore a type of clothes for a special occasion.
You Should Say:-
where you bought the clothes

what other people at the occasion thought of your choices.


The way you dressed up is the strong point of your personality. The outfit depicts the perception of your choice and, in some cases, the basics of your nature. In the same context, I would like to share the dress-up of mine on my college new year party as the new year party is a convenient platform to get to know each other and get familiar with the seniors. In the same sense, I took too seriously about the party’s theme and tried hard to manage my outfit according to the theme. My clothing choice begged me the first position in the outfit of the day that I could not forget.

The theme was to get a look at the 80s and come according to that. As soon as I got the information about the eyes, I recalled the dressing of Zarina Wahab in Hare Rama Hare Krishna, the hippy look. I was sure at that time that looks is the best description of the era of the 80s. I wore a loose lower overall design and a similar design shirt. Then I made my hair straight and wore marigold garland. Then the only thing was left, the oversized shades. That was the cherry on the cake. I bought the oversized brown shades from the market to made my outfit as perfect as I could. I bought all the stuff from my nearby market, Chandni Chowk, the hub of any clothing.

As soon as I entered college, everyone looked at me and tried to budge me. My classmates were so much excited and happy too, to see my dress. That was the persona of my outfit. So I got the first prize in the best costume for the new year party. That was the most unforgettable experience.

So this is the end of the Cue card (Describe a time that you wore a type of clothes for a special occasion.)

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