Describe a Time When a Restaurant Provided You Bad Food Service

Describe a time when a restaurant provided you bad food service

  • What had happened?
  • When did it happen?
  • How did you feel about it?

When I got this cue card, I couldn’t think of any particular bad food service that I got in past then, suddenly one name came to my mind, and today I would like to talk about that.

I vividly remember, I completed my high school exam, and I had a summer vacation. My school friends went to Manali, although if I am right, then I couldn’t join them because of family issues. I was exhausted not only warm weather but also by my daily routine life.

One day my cousin came to my home for sparing time, my uncle’s elder son; we like each other company, and we are cutting the same clothes, guys.

A few days later, we went to the museum sightseeing, and a few hours later I was hungry thus, we decided to went to the restaurant.

We had never step up that restaurant before, but we have to eat something, so we went there. We didna put more afford to find a table, we were waiting for the waiter, and no one came. I was unhappy for that rates were running on my stomach, and I need nourishment. After 15 minutes, our wait was over, and one man came to take orders and started to wait for our meals. Unfortunately for that also taken the time and when we got. Without wasting time, I started to eat like an animal. Eating fre bites later, I felt that taste of the item was not good, and it was convenient food.

I called the waiter for a complaint about the served item, but he was rude behaviour then I called manager, but he was also taking caterer side. We left the restaurant after paying the bill with unfinished food.

It was an unexpected experience, food taste and items used for making them were also not good; moreover, monitoring person and waiter behaviour was rude that I had never seen before.

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Part 3 Questions Describe a Time When a Restaurant Provided You Bad Food Service

Question 1: What kind of services are bad services?

Well, I believe that bad service is also mattered, by the way. Sometimes, workers or organisation person yield bad service whereas sometimes got items that do not match expectations also bad service.

Question 2: Why do some people choose to remain silent when they receive bad services?

I think there are numerous reasons behind it. Firstly, some do not believe in fight or arguing with their superiors. Therefore, they prefer to be silent. Secondly, what others think is another reason.

Question 3: Who should be responsible for bad services?

It depends on which types of services are, like the person for example, if person order online pizza and got pizza is not an order that time item maker and the company responsible.

Question 4: As a boss, what would you do to prevent bad services?

We all know that humankind can mistake although, I hire good skill workers thus, less chance to mistake and give hefty salaries moreover, monitoring situations regularly as well as gathering feedback from customers.

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