Describe a time when you did something secretly

Describe a time when you did something secretly

Describe a time when you did something secretly. 

  • What was it? 
  • Why you did it? 
  • What kind of arrangement do you make? 
  • What was the end result of it? 

Well, keeping a secret from loved ones is a herculean task for me. Now and then, I have to keep mum for the sake of bringing a smile to the face of my comrades. A similar thing happened to me when I had to hold a secret from my bosom friend. It was the day when we became friends, and people celebrated birthday parties and anniversaries with great pomp and show. I also wanted to bolster my friendship.

My friend name is Guri, and we had spent our childhood together. After senior secondary, he went abroad for his greener pastures, and a couple of days ago, I got the news of his arrival to India. So I thought to make that visit of my friend memorable. I arranged a surprise party in my village. I arranged it in a rustic area because we wanted to experience all childhood memories. Therefore, prior to his arrival, I arranged a cotton candy machine because my friend loved to eat cotton candies alot. Besides, I also constructed a pool to swim in it as we used to do in the past.

I did not invite any other person because I wanted to keep it a clandestine meeting and did all the arrangements on my own. I believe that too many cooks can spoil the broth. I decorated the room with colourful balloons and gave a vintage look to my house. To be honest, when I received my friend and took him to this place, where we had spent our childhood.

My heart could not help weeping. We started to collect our past memories, and my friend wished I were a child again. Really there was a look of ecstasy on our faces. As it was getting dark, we had to go back to our homes. My friend appreciated my efforts in arranging such a lovely surprise. So that was the time when I arranged a secret party for my friend to strengthen our bond.

Follow-ups Describe a time when you did something secretly. 

Question 1:- Do people like surprise parties? 

Answer. Yes, people like surprise parties and they love it more when these are arranged for them. Surprise parties make people feel special. 

Question 2:- Do you believe in arranging parties for your loved ones? 

Answer. Yes, I do. If I arrange parties for them in remote areas, then they feel happier because I know the choices of my friends. This is a good way to get together and have more fun in the company of each other. 

Question 3:- Why people don’t disclose their plans to others? 

Answer. People do it because they have a fear in their mind that if their plans get fail, then others will make fun of them. Moreover, due to their reserved nature, they hesitate to express their ideas to others.

Question 4:- Have your plan ever failed? 

Answer. Yes, many times it happened. Sometimes harsh weather spoilt my plan, and bad health also was one of the reasons, which did not allow me to give practical shape to my plans. 

Question 5:- Did you throw parties when you were a child? 

Answer. Yes, of course. When I was a child, I used to invite my friends on my birthday as well as I threw parties for standing first in the class. My friends really enjoyed it a lot whenever we got together. My singing was the icing on the cake at the parties.

Question 6:- Is it easy for you to keep a secret from your friend? 

Answer. No, it’s a daunting task for me. I really feel difficulty in holding a secret; but, I kept a secret whenever I thought to give a surprise party to my friends and the smile that they initially wear to see my surprise, really make me keeping such kind of secrets more. 

Question 7:- Where do people usually arrange parties? 

Answer. People arrange parties at their homes, sometimes in restaurants as well as in palaces also. Basically, it depends on their pocket. If they have plenty of money to spend, then they arrange it at an expensive place. So it varies from person to person.

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