Talk About a Toy You Liked in Your Childhood

Talk about a toy you liked in your childhood; You should say:

  • What was it?
  • Who gave it to you?
  • What does it look like?
  • Explain why it was a special toy for you?

Sample Answer of Talk About a Toy You Liked in Your Childhood

Toys play an important role in children’s life I have a lot of toys in my childhood, even now, I also have those toys, but from those, my favourite toy was an electronic doll that was gifted to my father on my birthday. I vividly remember that one time I went to one Mall. The name of the Mall is Mall of Amritsar. I went with my father. I liked one doll on that day, and it was very expensive. I didn’t told to my father but as he is my father and he knew everything about my likes or dislikes. On one day my parents organised my birthday party in my home and on that day my father gave me a Barbie doll on my birthday which I saw in the Mall of Amritsar. I was very happy and surprised at that moment. Moreover, it looked very pretty. It wore a pink colour gown with long hair, and it also wore beautiful jewellery and sandals. I had a lot of clothes for my barbie doll whenever I was free. I changed its clothes it was very special for me because it was gifted by my father now that doll is a little bit damaged, but I still have. Whenever I am alone at that time, I see my doll because a lot of memories are attached to my barbie doll. When I see it today, it brings a smile to my face.

Follow ups of of Talk About a Toy You Liked in Your Childhood

Question 1:- What is the difference between girls’ and boys’ toys?

Answer:- There are myriad of differences in girls and boys toys girls always prefer to play with teddy bears and dolls, but boys mostly like to play with cars, buses, duplicate guns and bikes and so on.

Question 2:- Do you think toys really help in children’s development?

Answer:- No doubt toys play an important role in children’s life but according to my opinion children develop with the help of their parents love as well as parents care because at that time they have real needs their parents like a lot of children like to sleep with their mother they share their feelings with her easily.

Question 3:- Does modern technology have an influence on children’s toys?

Answer:- Yes of course in pass time children mostly played with normal cars kendalls but nowadays every to I has an electronic toy like us versus motorbikes for boys and electronic dolls and teddy bears and rabbits for girls which look so beautiful but they are very expensive as poor families do not easily afford that toys for their children’s.

Question 4:- Have we lost our hand skills such as sewing?

Answer:- Well in the modern era, people totally depend on electronic gadgets because every person do their jobs they do not have much time to do hand skills because they think that it is just a wastage of time as they utilise their time they do their work with the help of electronic machines.

Question 5:- What toys are popular with kids in India today?

Answer:- There are many toys popular in India, but the most famous toys are electronic cars and electronic dolls like by urban people, but rural areas children mostly prefer to play with normal cars, small badminton, teddy bears and so on.

Question 6:- Do you think playing with electronic toys has a good influence on kids?

Answer:- According to my no, playing with electronic toys has got influence on kids because kids learn a lot of things when they play with their friends as well as with their family members. Moreover, if children play only with electronic toys as they increase their sitting level due to this, they face a lot of problems regarding their health like obesity.

Question 7:- Which do you think is better for children to play with toys alone or with other kids?

Answer:- According to my perspective playing with children is the better way because it as that children play outdoor games and deliver fit for our kids 2 to athletic competition with their friends which is also very beneficial for their health if children play alone with their toys due to this they make a habit of living alone as that they do not make friends easily in their life.

Question 8:- How do you think toys will change in the future?

Answer:- In the modern era, technology is very fast engineers do a lot of experiments in their life, and they easily make more electronic toys for children who will be very expensive as well as very modern.

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