Details of Politicians’ Private Lives Should Not Be Published in Newspapers

Details of Politicians’ private lives should not be published in newspapers. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is argued that public servants personal life should not be allowed to write in a newspaper or social media. I totally agree with this statement because politicians are also normal people who need privacy, and media should not interrupt their personal lives that they’re only allowed to view their social life.

Every individual has their own lifestyle, and they want to spend it in their own way at their comfort zone likewise politicians also have the right to enjoy their life instead media wants to expose the public figure sensitive matter in social media which is impacting their life. When they are given enough space to live a normal life, it will be possible for them to fulfil their social duties. As the media wants to spike there was rating, they focus on popular leaders activities which cause inconvenience to them. For instance, Ukraine Chief Minister was more affected by media by focusing on a newspaper published instead; he would have concentrated on his election campaign.

Mostly, the media focuses on the Dark Side of famous people and try to put them in an incorrect way. Instead, these news channels can bring them into the LimeLight by broadcasting their social activity is like the charity they do on much other inspiring information more effectively to society. For example, most of the youth will take their favourite leader as their role model and get inspired by their social activities, which benefits society.

In conclusion, we can say that privacy in political life should be allowed because they also have the right to live with Freedom and enjoy their personal life without any disturbance. It is recommended that media should focus on Statesman social life instead of their private life.

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