Talk about a curtain that you like (1)

Talk About a Curtain That You Like

Talk about a curtain that you like

  • Which curtain is it?
  • When and where did you see it?
  • What it looks like?
  • Why did you like it so much?

Sample Answer of Talk about a curtain that you like

Curtains are an essential part of home furnishing. We install curtains to protect our privacy. Today, I want to talk about the curtain I saw at my uncle’s house. My uncle is a very wealthy Businessman. He spent most of his money furnishing the house. Curtains were the one thing that impressed me most in the guest room during our stay.

 Curtains are an important part of home furnishing. Curtains are used to protect our privacy. Today I want to talk about the curtain that I saw at my uncle’s house. My uncle is a very successful Businessman. He spent the majority of his money furnishing the home. During our stay, the most striking thing in the guest room was the curtains.

The first layer of the curtain protect the room from direct rays, but it does not make the room dark. Second-year is semi-transparent, and the third one is opaque, which does not even allow one particle of light to enter the room. The curtain is made up of very expensive silk cloth. The best thing that I liked about this curtain was I could control it lying on my bed gives me a very Royal feeling. The next morning I inquired about the curtain from my uncle, and he replied that he bought it from Dubai during the shopping fest last year after coming home. I share my experience with my parents as well, and now I wish to have a similar curtain for my room.

Follow Ups of Talk about a curtain that you like

Question 1:- what kind of curtains do you like at home?

 Answer:- Curtains that are easy to access via remote are my favourite. I can close them and open them with the remote from any place in the room, even while I’m on my couch. The colour I love the most is light pink, which brightens the space.

Question 2:- What do you think shopping through social sites is better?

Answer:- It all depends. It’s a great opportunity to shop online for everything if you are very busy and don’t have the time. It is a loss for the shopkeepers… Because the customer who finds offers online becomes attracted to them and shops online.

Question 3:- What type of clothes do people wear after their jobs?

Answer:- People prefer to stay at home and wear comfortable clothes after long hours. They prefer to wear pyjamas, t-shirts and shorts. These clothes are more comfortable than others.

Question 4:- In your country, do males and females have the same choice of purchasing things?

Answer:- The choice and the need for things is what determines how much you spend on them. It doesn’t depend on gender.

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