Describe an Art and Craft Activity that You Had

 Describe an art and craft activity that you had You should sayWhat you made

  • How do you make it?
  • What does it look like?
  • And how do you feel about the activity?

Sample Answer of Describe an Art and Craft Activity that You Had

Well I never tried intense art activities but I remember once I was in eight standard that time there was a art and craft competition at my school in which we needed to prepare something from wood they were asking us to prepare something you need from that things like we can prepare animals we can prepare some basic shapes dolls and anything so that time. I remember I had a car which I loved a lot so I decided to prepare that car and I took the thing of fast and furious movie and from that there was a car which is for which I am totally astonished and I prepared the same I decorated that car with the I prepared that car from wood and anyhow I am with use of sophisticated equipments I made the shape of car and then I inserted tires under the car and in this way I just make the m car later on I coloured it in yellow colour and I finish it with black outline so in this way it looks very attractive at all and I have put some light lights beneath the car and it makes it very attractive when we we had a look in darkroom so in this way I prepared a car and luckily my my artwork was liked by the jury and the awarded me the first prize at that time and I feel very proud with you with that since I have I had no interest in art but I want that price and and after that that car was placed in the Showcase at school we are all prestigious awards are presented so nowadays I feel very happy whenever I visit my school and had a and have a look at that car and I remember each and every moment that I spend at my school and while making that car.

Follow-Ups of Describe an Art and Craft Activity that You Had

Question 1. What kinds of traditional handicrafts are there in your country?

Answer:- Well India is a diverse country and full of traditions and religions, and I believe in every tradition every religion there must be some sort of handicrafts such as in my tradition Punjabi tradition there are unique Kurta pyjama’s and Punjabi shoes that is called Jutti

Question 2. Should children learn more about art? / What are the benefits of making handcrafts?

Answer:- in my opinion, children must learn about art since it is very beneficial in many ways they can on their own they can start their own business they can earn by their own when they come to know about the production and marketing of the product

Question 3. Why do some people think it is difficult to understand art?

Answer:- well, in my opinion, some people see art as a phobia. I think in order to understand any order we need to start from very very basics, but nowadays people are very impatient in this the go for direct professional hours that’s why I think it becomes complex for them to understand without having basic knowledge

Question 4. What can we do to make young people pay more attention to traditional art?

Answer:- In order to attract the young generation towards traditional arts, I think the government need to exit to make more museums and inaugurate exhibitions at ground level and even we can see this subject must be in part of school curriculum this would enhance the interest of young generation towards arts

Question 5. Do you think art should be included in school curriculums? Why?

Answer:- yes, as I stated earlier that it must be part of the school curriculum because I think this is the stage where students grab their interest in new activities, and it at this stage, they can learn very actively

Question 6. Have you attended any lessons about art?

Answer:- yes, I attended a few drawing classes during my schooling, but I haven’t gotten any interest in that because I love music art. 

Question 7. What have you learned from these lessons?

Answer:- I haven’t learned much from that classes although I get to know about some basic tactics of drawing like we can use a ruler and use of different colours in a different way

Question 8. Do people in your country send handicrafts as gifts?

Answer:- no, this tradition is completely vanished in my country nowadays people prefer to buy ready-made things and present them as a gift on occasions

Question 9. What do young people think of traditional handicrafts?

Answer:- Nowadays, young people have no interest in handicrafts because they are more they are keenly interested in using ready-made things such as if you talk about handmade shoes instead of using that people prefer issues which are of the branded company such as Nike and all.

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