Some People Say Cultural Traditions Are Destroyed when They Are Used as Money-Making

Some people say cultural traditions are destroyed when they are used as money-making attractions aimed at tourists. Others say this is the only way to save such traditions. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

A few people believe that cultural traditions nowadays have become a source of earning while fever believes it’s the only way to keep it alive. This essay will discuss both views and represent my opinion at the end.

Firstly, tourism boosts our economy, and secondly, we get a chance to develop the local areas which in turn develop our country. The local artists earlier used to show their art as a part of necessity they used it as an exchange for goods but now as all have found a proper method of earning similarly our artists have also made their art as a source of earning. They are creating traditional handicraft things now to attract Tourists and people from all over the world to see and enjoy them. For instance, Rajasthan, a state in India, is famous for handcrafted earthen pots tourists from all over the world visit to see and buy it as a sign of memory these, in turn, help those local artists to run their livelihood so for people like them I have found the way to keep their traditional passing on to their next generation and live their life.

On the other hand, when cultural traditions are used as a money-making attraction, it loses their originality and importance, which in turn develops a hatred for that tradition within the people. For example, Navratri is the biggest festival celebrated in Gujarat. It is nine days of celebration where people do the Garba dance at night wearing traditional dresses. With the passage of time, people have increased the cost of traditional dresses, so that out of 9 days celebration few middle-class people I can afford for only one day to wear them and rest of the eight days enjoy with their casual daily outfits. In the meantime, we lose the charm of the Navratri with the traditional dresses, which makes it more beautiful to look when the male and the female dance with their dresses, dancing on the beats and wearing in the air with a flow.

In conclusion, in order to earn money and save the traditional few changes are necessary for generations to accept it, but it must be followed by every individual so as to keep the tradition alive which can help tourists to adopt and love it.

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