Describe an Interesting Conversation that You Had

Describe an interesting conversation that you had

  • Who did you speak with?
  • Where you were?
  • What the conversation was about?
  • And explain why you think it was interesting?

Sample Answer of Describe an Interesting Conversation that You Had

The conversation with my brother I feel is that it is interesting I I was on phone called with my brother my elder brother he he is staying he’s staying in Australia since long around its 11 to 15 years that he is staying there we were talking about the My planning of a future what to do what kind of activity I wants to do I was so on I was I was on the job at the time when he called me and the whole conversation was around for the 12 to 15 minutes which is oh for me was very long term as hi we were discussing about my future goals the things what I want to do the things what I watch what I need to achieve and my career goals and for me it was a tough tough things to discuss with him as I feel is that he is very is very much focus for his future he has came so many things and I’m not up to that up to his limits but a while we were talking I found that he was showing me so all the right path he was out he was treated teaching me he was giving me a guidance and he he was explaining the whole situation that if I do this thing it will be good for me if I do this it cannot support it cannot be good for my future so all I found that yes I so all I found that is yes I’ve I found that it’s it was good conversation as I am getting the knowledge of my own of my future I can I can get get I can get the idea that how I should start my things to be done.

Follow-ups of Describe an Interesting Conversation that You Had

Question 1:- what is the difference between the conversation between males and females?

Answer- There is a huge difference between this most of the time, male’s talk is about them their jobs are the things which happened with them, and the talk of females is like she has done this he has done this all this kind of gossip kind of talk, so which is baseless and meaningless things they used to talk and male’s talk are the things which are they had done for them.

Question 2:- What is the difference between talking on the phone and face-to-face conversation?

Answer- The difference of variation between this is that on phone calls, we cannot feel emotions. We can just listen to them to that person, but if you have a conversation on face on face basis we can feel the emotion what is the person is going through is happy or sad we can understand by their face, so it is better to face talk face-to-face rather than phone calls.

Question 3:- Why do some people get nervous when they give a presentation?

Answer- There are many reasons behind this that few of the people might be knowing of might feel nervous because of the audience the the the the way they have done the reaction most of the people think that what if I am now I am not doing wrong writing what if I did something wrong, so the basic reason behind this is that the audience perception people think about the perception of people a poor audience that they so that that that reduced their confidence level, so they feel nervous.

Question 4:- Do you think using visual aids while giving a presentation is necessary?

Answer- Yes, of course, visualisation gives a better idea of the presentation better understanding that one can easily understand what the presentation is going about and the if there is a visit or video is played behind us we can explain it better we will get the idea that after this what we have to speak so this is from the pages of both a P the person who is giving the presentation in the audience as well.

Question 5:- What is body language important?

Answer- Body language is important because it shows what the person is thinking, where he is looking of what is what his mind is thinking about if it’s not necessary that one has to speak, but their body language shoes say Main so many things if you observe them.

Question 6:- Do you think humour is important for a speaker?

Answer- Yes, of course, it is important as if he is looking after someone he is giving a presentation in front of many people by their body language by their the reactions you understand that if he is making a mistake or he’s making everyone feel like a boring or it is interesting so yes human thing humour gives the human use the understanding that what is the audience is having the feeling.

Question 7:-  What kind of speaker do you like?

Answer- I like to listen to the one who can interact with people audience man who is confident to give the presentation and who can explain all the things in a way that it’s going straight away In a mind.

Question 8:- Are there any disadvantages of face-to-face conversation?

Answer- Yes, not actually can be at a disadvantage, but I can say that one might get nervous by face-to-face conversation if one is not confident and he’s not the self-motivated person he might not be able to answer the question is if he’s already having their knowledge about everything, but it’s possible that give the answers.

Question 9:- Who do you prefer chatting with, your parents or your friends?

Answer- I would love to talk with my parents rather than friends as I can share my all emotions with my parents it’s not possible with signs that everyone every Find is not close to us and it’s not necessary that friends are true and genuine in these days, so I prefer to talk with my parents over my friends.

Question 10:- Do most people have just a small number of friends or many friends?

Answer- Nowadays it’s like many friends and very few people who understand it understands us like it’s nowadays it’s a trend that there are many friends, but when you are needed, there is no one available for you.

Question 11:-What qualities do you think good friends should have?

Answer- I feel is that Find should be like having all the knowledge about what I think what’s my perception for the sings when I need him or her when I am in trouble they must be available for me they can help me out to come or come out from the bad situation and then they must be available in my happiness as well that it’s not necessary that Fairy should be available in happiness or in happy days but that they should be in nine days as well because the friend’s queues support and they will help Us to overcome from a bad situation

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