Describe an Occasion when You Received Good Service from a Company or Shop

Describe an occasion when you received good service from a company or shop

  • What company or business it was and what this company does,
  • What the service was and who helped you,
  • Where you receive this good service,
  • Why do you think it was good service

Sample Answer of Describe an Occasion when You Received Good Service from a Company or Shop

While Celebrating any occasion, whether its function, party or anything apart from it, good service is always mandatory. Here I am going to describe a day when I got good service on some special occasion. Actually, a few days ago, I celebrated my promotion party with my family, friends, and well-known relatives of mine at a restaurant. I went to Kalra sweet shop which is very popular in our city. I invited some of my colleagues there.

When I went there, I was surprised to see the entrance gate. The inside view was also spectacular. I was assuming that I was in heaven. Their staff members warmly welcomed us. It was really amazing. After that, when my family members and friends had to ask about dishes, then they first bought the cake for me with some candles on it, and it was written on it “ good wishes and heartiest congratulations for your promotion.”

I felt over the moon when I saw this. It was really a nice pleasure for me. The most fascinated thing about the restaurant was their staff members were very polite, and they furnished the food very quickly. They had given all the dishes at some affordable prices. I won’t be able to forget the service of this restaurant. This restaurant made my day very special.

Follow-ups Describe an Occasion when You Received Good Service from a Company or Shop.

Question 1. What jobs require staff to get in touch with many people?

Answer – Many jobs require staff to get in touch with people such as restaurants, banks, salesman etcetera.

Question 2. What qualities does the staff need? Why?

Answer – The staff should be enough educated to talk with people and handle all the things, Should be polite, and should acquire the knowledge about the specific domain in which he/she might be interested.

Question 3. What’s the difference between services in big shops and small shops?

Answer – There is a huge difference between services in big shops and small shops. First of all, big shops have an abundant amount of people working as compared to small shops. Apart from it, Big shops have very commendable services and whatever people want they can get Because big shops have a variety of products. Small shops have no refundable policy while big shops have.

Question 4. What should people do when they get bad service?

Answer – When people receive any bad service, then they can either complain to the manager, or they can initiate a refund.

Question 5. Why do some people not know what service is good?

Answer – The majority of individuals have knowledge about the variety of products and services. Some people always prefer those services which are on peak means those who rated 5 then they always go with that. But some have no knowledge about the service for them it will difficult to distinguish which service is good or which is bad.

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