High school IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

High school IELTS Speaking part 1 Questions With Answers. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

High school IELTS Speaking Part 1 Questions With Answer

Question 1:- Are you still in contact with your friends from high school?

Answer – Yes , I am in touch with most of them and we met regularly on weekends and also who are not in twn I am in touch with them social media.

Question 2:- What is your high school like?

Answer – My high school has a very big ground on which we use to practice football and basketball. Apart from that It has well equipped computer lab in which 120 students can learn simultaneously.

Question 3:- What happened on the first day of high school?

Answer – Well I am unable to memorise that day, but one thing I remember was that teacher has given a session to all the students about their career.

Question 4:- Did your parents choose your secondary school (= high school) for you?

Answer – Yes, this responsibility was handled by my parents. before taking admissions they have searched for around 10 schools and gather relevant information about the it through internet and finally they have chosen the school which was best among all of them.

Question 5:- What subjects did you study in secondary school (= high school)?

Answer – As all the subjects were mandatory beside one subject which was optional, I studied maths, chemistry along with physical education and the optional subject was computer science which I have opted at that time.

Question 6:- What was your favourite subject ( = class) in secondary school? (= high school)

Answer – Thouh all the subjects was interesting but I like physical education the most. the reason behind that was I love playing different sports and learned a lot about various games such as cricket and basketball.

Question 7:- And which class (= subject) did you like the least? (Why?)

Answer – Among all of them I like chemistry the least because I cant memorise the salt and solution . You can say hat I have a phobia to this subject.

Question 8:- Which secondary school subject do you think is most useful for people in adult life?

Answer – computer science is the subject that should be kept mandatory for all students can help them in the later stage of their life. Die to advancement in technology if a person is good at computer it will enhance the career life and can earn more as compared to person who has less knowledge to computer.

Question 9:- What part of your secondary school education did you enjoy most? OR Did (do) you like your secondary school life?

Answer – whenever I memorise those days , I laughed a lot. The things which I liked was the pranks we use to do with our friends . Remembering those days makes me fell relaxed.

Question 10:- How do you feel about your high school (secondary school)?

Answer – As I said earlier it maked me feel happy whenever I memorise those activities we used to do in our school days specially when were in high school. specially an incident maked me feel proud when I have achieved the maximum marks in the final exams and my name was announce d in front of everyone during assembly.

Question 11:- Why did you choose to attend (= to go to) that particular school?

Answer – he main reason that I joined that school was his reputation. Secondly it was built in vast area and was equipped with lastest technology.

Question 12:- Which class did (do) you enjoy the most? (Why?)

Answer – When I was in sixth standard , that was the time I have enjoyed the most. The reason behind that we use prank our teachers and most of the time was caught eating lunch during studying hours.

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