If a Product Is Good and Meets Customer Needs

If a product is good and meets customer needs, then people will buy it, and advertising is unnecessary. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Since the advancement of a technical era in advertisement help people in identifying and choose the product according to their need. Many argue that product commercials are trivial if customers are getting things they need. However, I completely disagree with this statement because it broadens people’s thinking and choosing ability in various ways.

Taking knowledge while watching advertisements is extremely beneficial for individuals. To commence with, Product commercials help them in analyses about the speciality of product they are going to purchase and also descriptions, which they see in the label of the particular item that how to use it is helpful. To explain it, although customers know what kind of item he or she needs, advertisements assist them to think deeply about its proper use and how to apply it and even many cons to not utilize well in the given time period. For example, the Majority of Facial cream companies show information related to their product, such as price, manufacturing and expiry date, how to use it on the face and restrictions to keep it away from children. That is the reason why even if everyone knows what to buy, getting more understanding via commercials may help them.

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Furthermore, due to competition in the market, most of the time, rates of products go up and down according to the demand. People who want a particular item get bemused, But if organizations display their product’s uniqueness, it helps both customers and the company. To elucidate it, many smartphone companies are now growing, and almost everyone strives to obtain the best features via watching reviews and get more information about it before purchasing, which they may solely attain through commercials. For instance, when individuals go to smartphone shops, it is often seen that they get confused; the reason behind it is that unless they compare 3-4 phones, it is arduous to opt for one.

To conclude, many believe that advertisement of products is unnecessary if people know what to buy; I, on the other hand, think that these are indispensable for consumers to increase their knowledge and selecting capability.

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