In the Future, It Will Become More Difficult to Live on Earth so More Money Should Be Spent Researching

In the future, it will become more difficult to live on Earth so more money should be spent researching how to live on other planets such as Mars. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In this concurrent world, it is true that Earth is our homeland. But due, some drastic changes make it unfit for living. Some measures should be taken to research the existence of life on other planets. Some people concur that life is only possible on Earth that has all resources to assist life on it. However, I strongly quibble with them and propound that in the future, Earth can pass from some limitations that make life difficult to survive. Some control measures should be done that life can be prolonged. Thus it is clear that research on other planets has certainly undeniable merits.

Adequate pieces of evidence are obtainable to substantiate the concept that money should be spent on research work. The research for the studying other planets and hunt life on it. The top-notch concert reason is that due to increasing in sea levels causing the flooding in different parts of Earth. The rationale that haul me, patron, is that increasing all pollutions will cause nasty effects on human health, plants and animals directly. The coherent reason behind this is the irregular change in weather patterns cause life hazard diseases among plants and humans. The uphold my notion this preposition would be never be neglected is that all these problems are maximized due to an increase in population—more people, more usage of resources, producing more pollutants that affect life directly or indirectly.

In general, in contrast, to distinguish that life only exists on Earth, it is impossible on other planets. The people deem that it is the wastage of money and time in research of life on other worlds. Withal that the main underlying reason that stem from facts is that life without water and air is impossible, which is only available on Earth. To illustrate that the temperature and atmosphere of the Earth make it comfortable for life to exist. It has all facilities to survive.

In recapitulation, I retrain that there are innumerable factors that support my notion with the development and technology human make such things that make Earth polluted and unfit to survive in future. Move work in research should be done to seek life on other planets that human beings or life can survive. However, its contrast will be overlooked. Consequently, it proves that I agree with the given statement.

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