Many People Today Do Not Feel Safe Either at Home or When They Are Out

Many people today do not feel safe either at home or when they are out. What are the causes? What are the solutions?

It’s kind of plight issue recently increasing in people feeling unsafe either interior of the home or outside, and their own birth country. However, I can state that the whole world is encountered with this coronavirus which leads to speeding up death rate. At the onset, I strongly believe there are various methods to make individuals safe.

First of all, avoid going out. Even if you have to go out for important stuff, always put on marks. Don’t forget that it’s a crucial step to stop spreading the virus. Keep distance by keeping 1 meter from the person you get in contact with. For example – Standing in long queues just for payment, try to go when there is less crowd than as usual. Safety is in your hands.

Secondly, for survival, some individuals have to live away from their families. They have to go out for work, have to do their regular routine. So, in this case, manage your time and be aware. Keep yourself sensitised. For example- Escape eating outside food. Make your meal from your home. Stay hydrated. Go on regular checkups. Don’t get yourself in a room of people prolonged.

Nevertheless, our safety can be back if we start applying these two methods. As a result, people could leave peaceful life without any stress. In conclusion, there is credence in risking our life living both inside and outside of the house, but there are solutions to leave happily.

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