Most Major Cities Around the World Continue to Grow at A Phenomenal Rate

Most major cities around the world continue to grow at a phenomenal rate due to the massive increase in population. This has led to a general decline in the quality of life in city areas as the environment becomes more crowded and polluted. Give some reasons why this growth has occurred and suggest some practical solutions to this problem.

The importance of rising cities all around the world was always debatable for several environmental issues and has now become more controversial, with many people believing that it is beneficial while others reject the notion. This essay will elucidate further about the problems which cause the increase in population and leads to affect the environment.

Analyzing the statement and explaining further, there are two main reasons for the increasing population in metropolitan cities. First and foremost, it is the development in the industrialization sector in which people migrate from rural areas for better opportunities from low to high-paid jobs. Secondly, the growing cities have better amenities, including luxurious housing apartments, education systems etc. For instance, my grandfather resides in the city for the betterment of our future considering that, educational institutions will be much better in the city as compared to towns.

As for possible solutions, the government should consider establishing towns with proper infrastructure and make sure that they have the same opportunities which urban people have. Also, they can consider building more transportation facilities for them so they can migrate from the city centre to the outskirts of the city. Another way is that they can encourage to build more businesses in towns.

To conclude, it is better if people consider migrating and weigh the pros and cons. Because the leading population in cities is an alarming situation, and government can stop this trend by motivating them to build infrastructure in rural areas.

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